Mary Nagy

Mary Nagy Poems

1. ~should I Look For God Or Should He Look For Me? ~ 5/28/2006
2. ~i Remembered My 7th Grade Locker Partner~ 5/29/2006
3. ~timeline Of Pain~ 5/29/2006
4. ~watching Our Young Tree~ 5/30/2006
5. ~stolen Cherries~ 5/31/2006
6. ~would You? Could You? ~ 6/15/2006
7. ~the Walls Are Crumbling~ 6/14/2006
8. ~the Train Was Coming~ 6/14/2006
9. ~trust Me~ 6/15/2006
10. ~good Girls Vs Skanks~ 5/30/2006
11. ~the Hunting Trip~ 5/30/2006
12. ~why Do I Feel Responsible? ~ 5/30/2006
13. ~the Joyride~ 7/16/2006
14. ~somewhere Between Wedded Bliss Street And Family Man Drive~ 5/31/2006
15. ~somewhere Between A Man And A Little Boy~ 5/29/2006
16. ~finding Uriah's Angel~ 5/29/2006
17. ~attention: I'Ve Just Received An S.O.S.~ 5/29/2006
18. ~it's Just Another Bomb Threat Mom~ 5/29/2006
19. ~the Dandelions Were Listening~ 5/27/2006
20. ~playing The Game Of Life~ 7/14/2006
21. ~polar Opposites~ 6/15/2006
22. ~will I Still Go To Heaven If I Envy? ~ 6/15/2006
23. ~the Path Of Forgiveness~ 6/21/2006
24. ~despair~ 6/22/2006
25. ~wash Away My Doubt~ 10/10/2006
26. ~so This Is What I Would'Ve Looked Like If I Hadn'T Hated Myself~ 10/19/2006
27. ~i Saw You In The Rain~ 5/29/2006
28. ~my Fears~ 5/29/2006
29. *~tragically Mistaken~ 8/5/2006
30. ~we Proved Them Wrong~ 6/5/2006
31. ~love Is A Verb~ 7/16/2006
32. ~how Do I Continue? ~ 5/29/2006
33. ~why Can'T I Be Happy? ~ 5/29/2006
34. ~i Write These Words For You~ 5/28/2006
35. ~you'Re Heavy On My Mind~ 5/28/2006
36. ~melt Me Into The Picture~ 7/14/2006
37. ~learning To Love~ 6/18/2006
38. ~with These Hands~ 5/27/2006
39. ~easy Does It~ 5/27/2006
40. ~a Collision Of Souls~ 5/29/2006

Comments about Mary Nagy

  • gone gone (8/18/2006 8:26:00 PM)

    A kind and loving sweet one, Mary
    I'm sure no one shall speak contrary
    Mary graces PH's site
    with words of caring, life and light
    illuminates the heart, she does
    because she's real.....
    applause, applause! !

    Thankyou, Mary
    Love, D.

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  • not on poemhunter anymore (5/29/2006 8:17:00 AM)

    hi Mary,

    thanks for reading my 'Mike and Michelle, Cycling' offering.

    I've just read another you've posted and thought you should be aware that
    'rotton' should be spelled 'rotten' unless you've some secret meaning there.



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Best Poem of Mary Nagy

~inside She's Dying~

Listen to her laughter
as she tells another one of her
hilarious anecdotes on life
(where she normally makes herself
the punchline)
We can't help but laugh....
she's so funny!

Watch her eyes shine
with the excitement
of knowing we're actually ''buying it''.
She really thinks she's fooling us.
See her bite her lip
as she tries
to hold back the tears.
(If they fall...
she'll just laugh through them
and it'll appear she laughed
so hard she cried.)

I see the fear
she hides deep inside
as it casts a shadow ...

Read the full of ~inside She's Dying~

~finding Uriah's Angel~

I wish I knew an angel with a warm and tender soul.
One to send Uriah so his heart could then feel whole.

He's such a sweet romantic and he knows just what to say.
I can't believe that ''Mrs. Right'' has never come his way.

It hurts to feel his lonliness and truly feel his need.
To find a woman for this man would be so great indeed.

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