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When I was young I was givin up for adoption at age 0. I was placed in a foster home at age 1 being abused and verbally abused. Dyfs then took out of that home to put me in a home that was filled with abuse and starvation. I ended up in the hospital at age 3 unable to walk, talk, breathe on my own. When I walked I had to use a walker. I had a breat ...

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Look at me

Look at me what do you see
An idiot

My Road

I walk this road all alone
It’s the path I’ve chosen to go
No one will keep me from moving
I’m like the wind I never stop losing


You may fall
You may cry
You may listen
And you may die

Morning And Night

I turn my head to the east
Look around no ones by my side

Dont Leave


Will you leave?
Will you stay?

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without a name Face 14 June 2011

I like your style and it's very good, you are able to bring in emotion and reflection. Well done, I enjoy your work.

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