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I'm just a person who tries hard at all she does and never seems to get anywhere. I am a very abservant person and i find people my age often fruitless. I am a lone solider in the biggest battle of her life fighting iin the dark.

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Stefanie Fontker 21 August 2011

There is no embrace, like that of poetry, and I feel yours so well. It is warm, and it is growing, tighter and tighter until I have disappeared into your words. In the future, I know I will see your name again.

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Spiritual Seeker 10 August 2011

'Open your heart, you will grasp more than your eyes can see' from my poem 'A lonely traveller'. Miss Paige..I aggree with the rest, you got talent...continue writing! Embrace goodness...and you will taste the sweetness of it.

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