Matt Starking Poems

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Mocking Birds

Why do you mock me
Why do you enjoy mocking me
For so long
Is it because I am black and young

Freedom Fighters

freedom is a state of mind
and ones wealth, skin or country
cannot determine his freedom

My Heritage

My heritage is a rich tapestry
Of stories, cultures, and history
It's the land of my ancestors, who
Lived and loved and worked so hard

Rise Up Africa

Africa, Africa
rise up Africa
Africa, Africa
stand up Africa

A Thing Called Courage

a thing called courage
it will only open a new page
if I did not cross the oceans
I would have been left alone

Time And Patience

time and patience work together
time is the seed
and patience is the water
which nourishes life

A City Of Sin

a City of sin
when will thou go clean
a foolish society
in an archaic city

When I Am Dead And Gone

When I am dead and gone,
My name will still live on.
For I leave behind a legacy,
Of love, kindness, and bravery.

Is The World Insane

A Friend Called Success

Success is a friend to
Those who persevere
He is free and very fair
He speaks but they don't hear

Error Success