A City Of Sin Poem by Matt Starking

A City Of Sin

Rating: 3.2

a City of sin
when will thou go clean
a foolish society
in an archaic city
full of vanity
a city without conscience
full of violence
greediness and selfishness
why should there be a city
without justice and fairness
the rich over the poor
blood do they devour
life becomes sore
her daughters are whore
how can there exist
such a city
if goodness is banish
then we are all finish
why won't they perish
in this city they cherish

A City Of Sin
Monday, December 19, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: nation,sin,evil,country,city
Kim Barney 31 August 2015

Great poem! Did you have some particular city in mind?

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A compelling cry against sin my friend!

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Richard Blay 21 May 2015

well captured with the nets of poetry. Very good rhyming, it was not forced. The idea of not punctuating was influenced by the flow, I guess. Good job done fellow. But can there be any city without sin when it is being ruled by humans? Hmm! Very rhetorical

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Vipins Puthooran 19 December 2011

City of sin will soon be vanished! ! A good poem

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Dave Walker 19 December 2011

Really liked it. A really great poem. Good write.

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