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Why do you mock me
Why do you enjoy mocking me
For so long
Is it because I am black and young

freedom is a state of mind
and ones wealth, skin or country
cannot determine his freedom

My heritage is a rich tapestry
Of stories, cultures, and history
It's the land of my ancestors, who
Lived and loved and worked so hard

Africa, Africa
rise up Africa
Africa, Africa
stand up Africa

a thing called courage
it will only open a new page
if I did not cross the oceans
I would have been left alone

a City of sin
when will thou go clean
a foolish society
in an archaic city

time and patience work together
time is the seed
and patience is the water
which nourishes life

When I am dead and gone,
My name will still live on.
For I leave behind a legacy,
Of love, kindness, and bravery.

Success is a friend to
Those who persevere
He is free and very fair
He speaks but they don't hear

haters all over the north
haters all over the South
haters all over the east
haters all over the west

you are a prisoner
a prisoner of freedom
seeking for your freedom
however, in other

Amidst the chaos of my soul,
A vision takes hold.
A dream born from within,
A story waiting to unfold.

forgive and forget
and you will never regret
have you been cheated
so you are disappointed

I will rather rule my perceptions
Control my intuitions
Take responsibilities of my own actions
Than for you to rule my perceptions

Climbing mountains, pushing harder
Feeling the burn in my legs and my arms
The higher I go, the further I see
The beauty of nature surrounding me

the human race is falling
oh it is falling
too much lies
too much atrocities

freedom means a lot to me
what does freedom means to you
to me; freedom is equal opportunities
equal reward for all

Life is bitter
Very very bitter
It waves are stronger
Turning my life upside down

Be water
Brother be water
For if you put water in a cup
It takes the shape of the cup

Matt Starking Biography

THE BIOGRAPHY OF MATT STARKING Matt Starking (Matthew Ackerson) born on 11th January 1987, in Africa. Parents: Nyameke Acka Ackerson and Betty Nana Koba Ackerson. Siblings: Eugene Ackerson, Jemima Ackerson and Anthony Ackerson. Profession: Poet, Author, Activist, Philosopher, Entrepreneur PUBLISHED BOOKS BY MATT STARKING: Poetic Justice (starking poetry) Queens and Kings of Africa Clash of Empires Ancient African civilization As an African born in the Royal House of Nana Kofi Ampoe dynasty, Esiama, Ellembelle, Nzemaland. He educated himself to the university level, with him having Msc Global supply chain management at Middlesex University, UK, Bsc Business Administration at Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology and Logistics and supply chain management at Takoradi Technical University. As a child he saw himself as an ambitious person, and did know and understand life of doing what is right from wrong and being able to achieve his dreams was his focus, as for his spirit he believed in reality and positivity as faith, believing and understanding nature as life, thus the naturalist and positivist ideologist. His life, time and the world of his time taught him the lesions of life, he adopted the name Matt Ancient because, searching for intellectual liberty, knowledge and wisdom is a deep rooted ancient culture, so his adopted name even reminds him of who he is and the destiny he has. At high school he studied general art, of which he specialized in history, literature, government and social science, so even though at University he did studied business administration, he continued to study history and literature on his own. At a moment in time he discovered a true God gifted latent in him, thus writing, he improved upon the talent and has grown to a very creative writer in his time, he writes music, poems, essay, short stories and novels. Besides writing he enjoys swimming and watching of soccer. Around 2019, aside writing and other entrepreneur works he got into, Matt also worked as an history tutor at a local government basic school. The basic idea of his creative work is to free mankind from racism, political lies, religious superstition and illusion, but living with a positive attitude towards each other, thus unifying, reforming and transforming the human race. Famous poems written by Matt Starking POETS DON'T DIE Poets don't die They live forever Words don't die They last forever I will live and die a poet a profession I will never reject A decision I will never regret For it's a dream I had in a dream That all the material life Will past away The flesh and the body will also decay And all the riches left behind For there's nothing to pay Like the fallen and dried leafs which the air blows away It your judgement day And what do you have to say But Like a spell Which rings in your ears a bell My words are forever here to stay For Poets don't die They live forever Words don't die They last forever LIFE'S NOT FAIR life favors the rich and despises the poor but if life's for all then why not share the bread equal A FARMER I am a farmer I am a farmer an intellectual farmer the pen is my tool always in my hand and my book is the land my words are the seeds I sow the intelligence I cultivate is the fruits which satisfy many people even from generation to generation I am a farmer an intellectual farmer I WAS HERE TOO as the day sweeps away for the nights to come the clouds gathers for the rain to fall being here is by natures call thou have come because it your time so stand tall the earth get shaken rules get broken forget your foes and stand on your toes for I was here too and still here with you THESE WORDS ARE MINE these words are mine they are well refined sweeter than wine take these and you will be fine they are purified purer than water they are valuable valuable than silver very precious they are forever these words are mine hope you accept them and you will shine BOOKS BY MATT STARKING: Poetic Justice (starking poetry) Queens and Kings of Africa Clash of Empires Ancient African civilization https: //

The Best Poem Of Matt Starking

Mocking Birds

Why do you mock me
Why do you enjoy mocking me
For so long
Is it because I am black and young
Hard working and strong
For I see nothing wrong
Is that why you mock me
For how long
You tried to stop me from singing my song
All along
You took my voice
From being heard
You tried to define me
And said I was weird
You took away my daily bread
So that I will not be fed
You took my crown of my head
Is it hate behind the laughter
Or jealousy behind the friendship
Pretending to be a lover
Or a conspiracy over my leadership
For it is written all over
If I think of it over and over
I wonder why you mock me
Why do you enjoy mocking me

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Matt Starking Quotes

the world will surely go on without me, but with me comes a different world

if people of the same race can abuse each other, then what is the sence in being a racist.

reading and researching helps in unraveling the mystries of this world

the foolish world is always ruled by materialism and superstition but the real world is ruled by truth and positivity

evil is illiteracy and ignorance of the truth

god is the manifestation of positivity

I am not religious but I am spiritual

love and respect is the greatest healer and medicine for the soul

the world belongs to those who has the desire to make it successful

I can only be the man I can

god is choosing between good over evil

a real human spirit is to accept your mistakes and changing from bad to good

the mockery and the scornful are born in foolishness

the wise talks with evidence and fact but fools have nothing to prove

illiteracy is the mother of all foolishness

determination is the begining of all greatness

women gives birth and mothers love and care for them

it is difficult for man to praise his fellow man than to condemn him, especially when is a poor man

mankind is always afraid of what he does not know understand

nature creates the circumstances and men makes the decision

you can't fight nature because what is going on is different from how you feel

you can't control nor change time but you can only live with it

freedom from religion, racism, poverty and illiteracy is a must

without the opportunity the potential is nothing and without the potential the opportunity is useless

the biggest enemy of man is poverty and illiteracy

Awards are for heros but legends lives forever

I learn but I don't copy blindly

Learn to improve who you are not to destroy who you are

know who you are, where you are from and where you are going physically and spiritually

Everyone will try to dominate, regardless of where they come from or where they find themselves. It either you raise your game and dominate or sit down and they will dominate you

The leopard can never change it spot, it can only try to hide them.

Knowledge is power, but it is only powerful to those who posses it. Not everyone has it, even though it's universal

A stubborn fly, follows the corpse the grave

Life is the flower and love is the honey bee

When two elephants fights, it is the grass which suffers

Two heads are better than one

Before it will rain, the bathroom has already tasted water

In the kingdom of heaven only the righteous has a seat

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Matt Starking Popularity

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