Matthew Baughman Poems

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A Book Called Me

I am like a book,
you may like what is on the cover
on the inside might even be better
take the time;

A Girl Worth Getting

Wow! I would love a girl,
a girl who is an individual,
who doesn’t just fall in the crowd,
who doesn’t just do what her friends do.


Your face is beautiful,
as we can all see,
take a look on the inside,
Now that’s real beauty

The Things I'D Do For You

Oh, the things I’d do for you!
I would climb the highest peak,
I would search under the sea.
without your beautiful face,

Whats Within Your Shadows

seeing your face, beautiful as it is
will never be enough, to hide your scars.
scars that you show, when opening yourself,
showing everyone else; what’s within your shadows.

The Stranger

The stranger I just met today,
in many more than just one way,
has brought about such certain joy,
it’s sad to say, I never knew him before.


i’ve lost all compassion
all feeling of hope
ill give into despair
these feeling, I won’t