Matthias Pantaleon Poems

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Andoni Islands

As the wind blows toward to my homeland
my heart melt a thousand times
From afar I could hear the waves
whispering on the river bank

The Sonnet

Dear brother, sister, can you see the light
Or is it only darkness you can view
A wretched ship that sails into the night
With only ghosts aboard to serve as crew

We Love You Michael

I think I can afford to keep a secret
Or two in the womb of my verses
You need not worry about their malice
Or the strength of their allies

The Unusual Sonnet

West have everything I need
Why go north and break a leg
When I can easily sow a seed
And reap a basket of nutmeg

Andoni On My Mind

Home is in the mind
We never truly forget home
Though we prosper outside her shores
Home will always be endeared

Life At Thirty

At thirty I look at the world differently
I have fewer friends, thousands of fears
I envy my childhood even more
Wish I could take off some years


I have stop dreaming since
The day you went away
I think of you like science
The theories has all sway

Victory Comes In The Morning

I've been in the cage for too long
They really don't care how I feel
I'm a bird without a sombre song
They don’t care if we burn and peel


I hope to see you sometime soon
Try not to miss me too much
I hope you still wish upon the moon
Times are so tough without your touch

Ida Obolo

See what we have done to earth
Can't you hear the widows scream
See what greed have done to men
Can't you see the mutilated corpses

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