Matthias Pantaleon Poems

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Andoni Islands

As the wind blows toward to my homeland
my heart melt a thousand times
From afar I could hear the waves
whispering on the river bank

The Sonnet

Dear brother, sister, can you see the light
Or is it only darkness you can view
A wretched ship that sails into the night
With only ghosts aboard to serve as crew

We Love You Michael

I think I can afford to keep a secret
Or two in the womb of my verses
You need not worry about their malice
Or the strength of their allies

The Unusual Sonnet

West have everything I need
Why go north and break a leg
When I can easily sow a seed
And reap a basket of nutmeg

Friday's Child

I was born at night tall like swagger cane
A Friday's child - delivered with muse
That was fortunate enough for my parents
Oral poetry poured plentiful in the morning

Vote Of Thanks

To the poachers from whose claw I escaped
I'm thankful with a kindness that is sweaty
To the hordes of hades who had my pride raped
You are without stain, a neatness that is cruelty

Noble Nonsense

Don't save the day to die instead
Your effort will be mistaken for folly
While they take the glory instead

The Saga Continues

Blood on the street;
The man who cast the first stone
was discharged and acquainted
While passersby were jailed

The End

It's night and the cloud is heavy with storm
Rain will be here soon, my mother hurriedly
Put away the chickens in their wooden castle
An a few baskets to trap water for tomorrow

For The Love Of Christ

Learn to say the impossible - you are forgiven
Don't let grudges ruin your live, you only got one
Apply the sixth sense - they have got only five
Do the unthinkable, outlived their lies with truth

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