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As the wind blows toward to my homeland
my heart melt a thousand times
From afar I could hear the waves
whispering on the river bank

Dear brother, sister, can you see the light
Or is it only darkness you can view
A wretched ship that sails into the night
With only ghosts aboard to serve as crew

I think I can afford to keep a secret
Or two in the womb of my verses
You need not worry about their malice
Or the strength of their allies

West have everything I need
Why go north and break a leg
When I can easily sow a seed
And reap a basket of nutmeg

Home is in the mind
We never truly forget home
Though we prosper outside her shores
Home will always be endeared

At thirty I look at the world differently
I have fewer friends, thousands of fears
I envy my childhood even more
Wish I could take off some years

I have stop dreaming since
The day you went away
I think of you like science
The theories has all sway

I've been in the cage for too long
They really don't care how I feel
I'm a bird without a sombre song
They don’t care if we burn and peel

I hope to see you sometime soon
Try not to miss me too much
I hope you still wish upon the moon
Times are so tough without your touch

See what we have done to earth
Can't you hear the widows scream
See what greed have done to men
Can't you see the mutilated corpses

So many times I woke at night
Afraid of what life has become
I’m worried if I'll ever see the light
So I can find my way home

When we were boys we acted like one
People call us names behind our back
We were silly but we don't throw stone
And the girls, they love our six-pack


They said you are wealthy now
Some said you rewrite your story
I'm not surprise; it’s the seed you sow
You deserve it John, you made history

Have you heard about the man
With ninety nine problems
He survives the many demean
And delicately tugged the emblems

It’s been a long time anybody fuss over me
They have got issues of their own anyway
I think we are too busy to chat as old time
That is the problem with friendship today

There are times when I feel emotional
About my nativity and I think of home
I’ve cross too many rivers to be irrational
About my home but I think it’s awesome

Don't rise too early Amadou
I think you are being foolish
The dew of life will soak you
Take back the hate it’s childish

Don't judge from afar, come a little closer
And you will be amazed by my sweetness
Don't worry about tomorrow it'll be brighter
One day at a time life is full of freshness

She dares us to live her dream
Though society calls her social leper
She was scorned in the team
Every day they heap blame on her


Poetry is more than words
It's the art of expression
Poetry is rhyme and chords
It's an artistic impression

Matthias Pantaleon Biography

Matthias Pantaleon (born 24 August,1984) is a Nigerian poet, playwright and lyricist. He embraced the whole sphere of contemporary studies and distinguished himself as a man of letters.)

The Best Poem Of Matthias Pantaleon

Andoni Islands

As the wind blows toward to my homeland
my heart melt a thousand times
From afar I could hear the waves
whispering on the river bank

Sun smiles more beautiful on water surface
Blue sky merge where earth meets heaven
Palms sway this way and that
Homeland is greener than ever

The pulse of my heart increases
As I draw closer to the shore
This is home to many sons afar
Sons who may never see their motherland

As I thought of sons who have fallen
in distant land tears pour plentiful
How foolish we are to think
We will ever be happy in strange land

Here I am in the grip of my mother
The embrace of my father
The kiss of my grandma
The pat of grandpa speaks volume

I feel the love in the air
Felt the warm in the people
Saw the care in their eyes
And I vow never to leave home

Matthias Pantaleon Comments

Akhtar Jawad 15 May 2014

Matthias! I have recognized you and I would love to see the day when you are recognized by others.

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Angel Lockwood 06 November 2012

The poem quietness, takes on a tune for me It somehow reminded me of a song by carole king., a quiet place.. Very nice!

17 1 Reply
Deborah Shakespeare 02 November 2012

I love all your poems muah! ! ! ! ! ! hahahahahah

7 0 Reply
Deborah Shakespeare 02 November 2012

And least I forget I love the poem irrational lover it reminds me of my ex too haahahaaah

9 0 Reply
Deborah Shakespeare 02 November 2012

The first day I saw your poem eclipse of the heat on facebook I fell in love with you. Its a great talent you ve got/u got to strife to be the best-love deborah s!

3 0 Reply

Matthias Pantaleon Quotes

'The things that cause a quiet life are not expensive; yet we ignore them. The things that ruin our lives are quite expensive; we acquire them anyway' -Matthias Pantaleon

'Listen to palms rhythm; hear the birds chirp like rock stars. Poetry is star above the rocks' -Matthias Pantaleon

'I heard of a building with two doors and one window; both doors are at the rear, the window is by the side. The problem is that there is no exit for all entrance.' -Matthias Pantaleon

Matthias Pantaleon Popularity

Matthias Pantaleon Popularity

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