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Where are you,
Why have you not come,
I spend days in pursuit,
Of those who could be the one.

Grief is the thing I eat,
I chew till it hurts,
Till everything falls apart.

I am my father's daughter,
I am my mother's child.
I wear his body like a sleeve,
Her intellect in my smile.

I write in the dark
After I've turned out the light
When the fan blades are wild
And the crickets come to life

The clocks of ticking aspirations tock
While sounding bells of expiration toll
A symphony without a crescendo
Exemplified by the sighs of the old

Another day begins and ends,

The honorable Emptiness presides.


When I think of her
I think of a field that is endless
That the eye cannot contain
For which measurements are petty

Please don't come back to my country
Dont roll up in my backyard
You'll find life has shriveled up
And its softness has gone hard

Anxiety is there, at the stroke of every pen
She sits by degrees on my fat, stubby fingers.
Between my elephantine words she hides,
After every minuscule period she lingers.

Time turns on her little hands,
Left, right and otherwise.
She turns like clockwork,
More often than not, to my demise.

In the insidious dark of night,
He creeps up on my mind.
He slithers through my work,
And eats up all my time.

There was a person I once knew
The color in her eyes were blue
I saw her in the mirror for 24 years
Then one day woke up to find

You told me not to drink and drive
But it's all I ever do
Only the drink can parch me dry
Of every thought of you

From last April
To a June spent in misery
It once came for me

There lies a closet
In the fringes of my mind
Bordering dead and undead
A name etched across its pine

How do you want this body,
Without wanting its heart?
To long for sinews and bones,
Without yearning all of its parts?


Unsuspecting froth meet my feet,
I bow where the ocean sits.
I surrender in reverence and in awe,
Love and death, He has seem them all.

I opened a door last night
Returning to my once world
There in the doorway beckoned
A quest for my old girl

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I only write of sad things)

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Where Are You

Where are you,
Why have you not come,
I spend days in pursuit,
Of those who could be the one.

I hear empty thunder,
The roar of a heart inside.
Longing for a love,
To fill her deep and wide.

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