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this is a fictional life,
I'm not being facetious,
but when lovers gaze
Young Blood,

Memory will abide, it lingers on;

An altered awareness endures,

I felt you grow inside of me

But never thought you'd come to be

The summer sun begins its slow descent,

As the yielding sky fades,  pale and content.

In you I found

A vision of travelling possibilities,

I think a dream would be a tapestry,
But we fumbled in our attempts
ours was more like a bolt of cloth.
A banner woven in ecstasy,

Plodding through sodden, wild fields

As daylight withdraws and yields;

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Come And Goes In Waves

this is a fictional life,
I'm not being facetious,
but when lovers gaze
Young Blood,

oh I cannot pretend,
it is hard to say
the reason for it is not known-
conversable in a common way

the sheer inanity,
of the condition

reasoning is fallacious
but when lovers gaze

the most unreal, irresistible force
inundation of prayerful meditation and devotion

and most of the work is ostensibly
the product of
someone's imagination

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Chase yourself, not other people

Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it buys you the things that do

It's never too late to do something different. You just need to get started and carry on.

Can't expect perfection from anyone only reasonable behaviour

it's not what you do one day, but what you do everyday. It's consistency. This is how people achieve greatness in life

You have problems with you feet, but you should still go out and use your legs

the best day to change is yesterday, the second best day to change is today

the most important moment is now

you have to do your own work, you can't rely on these teachers

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Meghan Fenwick-Boland Popularity

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