Rookie (Sept 6,1990)

Meghan Poems

1. Whiskey 6/22/2006
2. Sunshine 6/22/2006
3. The Question 6/27/2006
4. Vacant Pain And Empty Feelings 7/3/2006
5. The Moment Between Dying And Death 7/15/2006
6. The Gentleman 7/26/2006
7. Painfully Shy 7/26/2006
8. Found The Way 4/2/2006
9. Singing, Entangled Within Music 6/22/2006
10. Dibble Dabble....Scribble..Nonsense 12/22/2006
11. Terror Canto 12/22/2006
12. Candle Light 12/22/2006
13. In This World Alone 12/22/2006
14. High 12/22/2006
15. Precious Oil 12/22/2006
16. Season Of Violence 12/22/2006
17. Life 12/22/2006
18. Enchanted World Of Green 12/22/2006
19. New Identity 12/22/2006
20. Creation And Elimination 12/22/2006
21. Movement 12/22/2006
22. Propaganda 12/22/2006
23. Drought 12/22/2006
24. I Would Have Rather Drowned 12/26/2006
25. Lost In The Esctasy Of Night 1/6/2007
26. How Vain That Sad Sun 3/10/2007
27. Prisoner Of The Sky 3/10/2007
28. The Weight Of Purpose 3/13/2007
29. In Worship Of Morpheus 3/13/2007
30. Lost Love 3/13/2007
31. Egos 4/7/2007
32. Winter Morning 4/7/2007
33. Senses Trickled 7/19/2007
34. Mutated 11/15/2007
35. Liquid Light 11/15/2007
36. Foreign Affairs 11/15/2007
37. Dreams 11/15/2007
38. If We Find Ourselves In Sorrow... 11/15/2007
39. Scars 11/15/2007
40. I Have No One To Walk With Me In The Night 11/15/2007

Comments about Meghan

  • Jerry Hughes (9/10/2007 3:09:00 AM)

    ....extraordinary writing from one so young

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  • Kyle Shield Laster (6/12/2006 5:59:00 PM)

    u are a really great poet and u kinda write the way i do...i admire u for writing about being talked about, but i'm sure those names are false...anyway...i love your poetry and i wish u all the best...keep at love

Best Poem of Meghan


generosity from your body has been drained
the honey sucked from a flower after an early morning rain
hath been replaced by a vile and putrid juice
when I look at you, I see a depserate life pleading for truce
thoughts now in days, don't come from your own mind
only to be found in metamorphic crystal and leaf combined
precious integrity and sweet honesty locked away and confined
when I look into your eyes, I see a rotting brain and a million flies
you're touching on the abyss, flirting with that line
down some black hole, into a void it winds
find the will to ...

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the night descends unto me like the devil on a helpless soul
I feel it coming, slowly turning my blood cold
gripping it's claws tight round my body
never setting me free
a sharp pain followed by a flood of darkness
suffering forever in eternal blackness
this just can't be that my last shadow's been cast
that this instant breath shall be my last
my body and mind are sinking fast

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