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I see your keeled body.
Held erect like a,
Beautiful flower tree.
As you always use to be.

It was a chilled dawn.
The maiden light just trying,
bless the earth.
Rain starts to pour on streets.

I have lost thousand friends.
I have lost my decent time.
I have lost the power to write poem.
Even forgot to write rhyme!


Another day of life
Fade like leaves in winter!
As I grow up,
I learn to forget Fear!

So you think you can leave?
Behind me you can cheat!
What will you get?
Don’t you know?


Her color is green.
She is a queen,
& her throne is green.
Her monsoon brings,


Been so long I lived in d dark..
Been so long i tried 2flee..
Long ago there was love in my soul..
Love that could drawn my sinful world..

4 long years we been together..
but seems i met all of you yesterday..
life is simple..just..moving without destination..
and the 4 years just burnt away..

Juliet when I look in your eyes
I can see your heart your soul.
That’s the place I want to be
That’s my only goal!

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I'm a pharmacist in profession but in like to introduce myself as a poet. I like to read and write poems.I believe poetry is the reflection of one i write to express my emotion, feelings.. I'm a loner because in the end of the day its me whom i can talk.. I believe in 'BE ALL YOU CAN BE' when ever i got chance to some thing new..i put my steps on that...even where angels fear to tread.)

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I And I

I see your keeled body.
Held erect like a,
Beautiful flower tree.
As you always use to be.
My eyes are drawn always to the
Hollow of your throat.
If I lay my fingertips against it.
There would be your,
Fluttering pulse beat.
I held your palm
See the beauty of your eye.
I hold you close
My body twisted across yours.
Until you finally break
As you do always.
And the pleasure escapes.
I remained confine in emptiness
I think love is an unholy Goddess.
Turned the silence in to pain
I see sin in your eye.
May be in love pleasure and pain
All are the same.

I see your beautiful face
While you sleep.
When you fly in air on your dreams.
Until you wake.
I get confine in emptiness,
Nothing to say or do while you wake.
I see myself!
I see the person hide beneath me
I & I standing in an empty space
I & I living only with the Gods grace.

There is blood, wounds & death
There is courage, fury and rage
The whole world has gone insane.
Dreams and love are slaughtered in to my street
But hope is on the horizon
Its power is infinite.
So I love to confined in you
In life & death
Love your hollow promises
Eager accept the fate.

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