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Regrets for not being a better child,
regrets for being so mean at times.
I had the greatest Mother in the world.
I was a hellion at times,

When I think of my favorite song, it is Hero, by Mariah Carey.
To me, the hero inside me is my Mother, because when I feel
I am facing the world alone, she is always there.

Look deep within your heart
only to find what you are feeling.
Visualize your hearts together as one,
eternity is more than a life time.

America is the land of the free.
Many languages they are trying to make us speak.
Events from 9-11 have devastated our nation.
Remembering the awful pictures on the TV,

I Have Many Mixed Emotions

I have so many mixed emotions
Hatred has filled my heart and soul

Baby, you are always gentle on my mind.
Gently your memory comes to me like a delicate breeze.
Every time I think of you, all I want is to be with you,
now knowing I can't.

The spirit of the dance

Always remember that life is but a dance

Stolen Memories
The sweet tender kisses
Have turned to harsh words
The warm hands that used to hold me tight

When you look at me with love in your eyes,
like you have only just seen me for the first time,
love me with all your heart, like you mean it.

You always ask me to please give you another chance.
I tell you all I can offer you is my friendship
You always reply that is not enough.

Free as the morning sun, always shining brightly.
is the heart of a child, so young and innocent,
free from worries, always smiling back up at you
with a beautiful smile and that special twinkle in their eyes,

Guided by your strong gentle hand
Not understanding everything along the way
Indeed I will admit at times I was a tyrant
Devilish even at times, but you were there to guide me

In an old cedar chest in my room
is a box of old hidden treasures
I have tucked away through the years
Things that could never be replaced

You took my love and discarded it
like a piece of trash onto the street.
Did you ever care?
Was I not the one who was there with you 21 years?

Red is for the color of a beautiful red rose,
Given to you by that special someone.

Yellow is the color of the sunshine

Living day to day in severe pain,
overwhelming is her pain today,
can't walk too good, for her legs hurt so.
Kind and gentle she is, through all of her pain,

I lay awake at night, wondering if you are ok,

my heart is so broken for now I don't have you.

Sometimes I wake up thinking it was all just a dream
and you are still here with me.
Often... too many times, reality smacks me in the face
and I am fighting a losing race.

Way down here in the mountains
everybody knows everybody no matter what.
Seems a person can't even pass gas without
ten other people going ewwwwwwwwwwww LOL

Admiring you

Dreams have finally come true
Ignited are flames U forgot I had

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A Mountain Of Regrets

Regrets for not being a better child,
regrets for being so mean at times.
I had the greatest Mother in the world.
I was a hellion at times,
always the one who just had to have the last word, no matter what
I was always right and my Mom was always wrong.
To me Mom was never ever right.

Regrets of not listening to my Mom.
Now I am a grown up, I have two children of my own,
more and more I am beginning to understand.
I am finding out now that I was not always right, that maybe I was wrong at times.
Mom was right about many things.

Regrets because I did not finish my education,
instead I quit in the 9th grade because I thought I knew it all.
Boy was I wrong!
In this world of today without my education I am nothing.

Regrets because I was in love with a man
who I once thought was my world
Now all of my trust in him has been shattered in to a million pieces
of what used to be our love.
Forever is what he promised.
He chose to sleep with another woman.
Regrets because I didn't believe that he would ever do this
to me and our children.
He has broken our hearts.

Regrets because maybe I am to blame
for many of my regrets and fears.
Maybe it is because I regret ever meeting him.
Many regretted mistakes I have made through the years

only I can or could have changed them,
if I had just opened my eyes and seen what was going on.
Maybe if I had just listened to my mother
my life would have been much better.
Now I know that my mom was right.
My mother was almost always right

So now I stand here and behind me
stands the mountain of regrets.
I can only hope that I will have enough time
to change the many mistakes that I have made in my life,
to become a woman of no regrets,
a woman who has learned from her mistakes.
Then maybe there will be no mountain of regrets standing behind me
but a mountain full of hope and dreams

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