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When I met you in the rain
My heart had fallen.
My fantasy became reality,
You've made me feel so lucky.

You shepherd the lost sheep,
You whisk them up when they fall asleep.
They may go in a wrong trip,
But you let them ride in your ship.

I am waiting for so long
For the perfect fate to come along
Everyone says I'm wrong
To ignore the place where I belong.

Love is like an endless venture
that requires a great ardour
It's neither a simple adventure
nor a mere thing to ponder.

Once upon a time in my untold moment,
I met a man that God sent.
He was plain and innocent,
He never knew how to resent.

Sometimes love is like a shadow
It walks behind you,
and it may always follow,
but never marches beside you.

In front of you, you will see someone smiling,
She looks like an angel who merrily mingling.
In her devious scheme, you will see nothing,
Nothing, but the lovely thing that she is offering

Beauty and pleasure that entice me
Gold and diamonds that I can see
It’s neither permanent nor ever lastingly
Can overwhelm the greatness of my wish to be.

A smile that you wear,
Can cure thousand hearts that fear
It may cease someone to suffer
Happiness is what it can offer.


I hardly forgotten the time I've met you,
We lived, we laughed yet we cried too.
We shared love, thoughts and dreams,
The excitement is flashing back enough that I could scream!


The silver ring that makes my heart flattered,
The golden ring that makes my emotion secured
The chocolate taste that makes my day glimmered,
Superficially makes my existence sparkled.

Remember the time you play
You strived to win in anyway
Your brilliant craft blocked my way
So I let you took the bliss of your day.

You’re just a baby in my eye,
But why I do feel strange on high
Imagining at your innocent kind
It makes me wonder all the time.

I was once oblivious of your existence
Never I had thought of your influence
Yet after activating my sub conscience
I've found your clandestine adherence

Once a upon a time in my journey
I was attracted to the stars in the galaxy
They made me create a story
That made me to be me.

In this voyage to nowhere, I discover
There is a star that twinkle like an undercover
Its glittering light is hard to ponder
A shallow me spent a lifetime to uncover

Beauty and delight that now overwhelm me
Reminisce my longing heart for you to see
In my simple dream I wish you were the eternity
And in a doom of darkness you would set me free


Uncertain with the path still I walk away,
Thinking this place, I've no reason to stay
When the door bangs, I don't bother to wait
Wait for a moment till it makes me quit.

Every time she sees your face
She misses your warmth embrace
Every time she closes her eyes
She wishes you had an amazing surprise

Love requires devotion,
It's neither a mere emotion.
Nor a disturbing delusion.
That can cause a heart to malfunction.

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True Love, Acy

When I met you in the rain
My heart had fallen.
My fantasy became reality,
You've made me feel so lucky.

Sweetheart Acy is how I call you,
You vanish the darkness out of the blue.
You’re a sunrise that brightens the day,
You turn lifeless creature into eternity.

Reminiscing the moment,
that you were still unknown.
Night imprisoned the melancholy
Infinite gloom cursed the glory.

Living is lifeless,
In the bed of roses
Its thorn kills,
What I possess.

So I prayed and prayed to Him
My life seemed not what I aimed
What’s worth of having everything?
With an empty heart, triumph is nothing.

Now, that I have found you,
Living is like an endless queue.
Everything has a meaning
In a blink of an eye it is happening!

To our Dear God, I beg endlessly,
Don’t let go all the possibility
True love that I’ve asked honestly
Never be deserted everlastingly.

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