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Over the hills
Through the oceans
This is what I love
To fly over hills like a dove

If you would only look into my eyes
You would know
The extent of which I feel about you

You make me drift from place to place
In the time it takes me to finish a measure
I feel the notes going
It gives me so much pleasure

What's over here?
I want to see
What are you hiding?
If I climb the tallest tree what will I see?


The dark shadow
hanging over
strength fades
I can no longer hold her

Add some shade here
some polka dots there
escape from reality a little

I'm going on an adventure
to a far off place
who knows where I'll go
I'll set the pace


Put your arms around me
It's only you from what I see
It's amazing how much it's helping
with this life with which it's testing

If only we could
Figure out life's greater value
And learn how to fly

Why can't it just be simple?
We are born
we learn how to talk and walk
we go to school


Be yourself
But not like that

I will never leave you

In fear you run faster
You are stronger
You are trying to protect

I'm not skinny enough
I'm not smart enough
I'm not pretty enough
I'm not athletic enough

Wonderful spring time
going into autumn time
now it is winter

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My Own Adventure

Over the hills
Through the oceans
This is what I love
To fly over hills like a dove

I want to be there
I want to know
Is this true
Can I have adventures like you

You've been everywhere
You've been to places I've never seen
You've looked in the face of danger without a care
With your senses so keen

You used to drive me crazy all the time
I can't believe I'm leaving that behind
I will miss your glowing face
Now I'm trying to keep up with your pace

I'm going on my own adventure now
It might not be as good as yours
But I will enjoy it just the same
I will ride this steed standing on all fours

I will leave this place
Someday I will come back to see your face
I can't believe I am saying goodbye
Now I will go at a journey's pace

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Gayatri Phukan 31 July 2020

Beautiful poem.nice expresse

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Person 16 February 2021

I agree 1000000000%

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Mia Bird Popularity

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