Michael Shepherd Poems

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! And Angels

The air from earth to Moon
honey-gold with souls and angels;

our every breath, rich with their spirit;

! Tolstoy On Love

Love is life. Life is love.
Everything I understand,
I understand only because
I love.

! 11.11.: To The Fallen

Embattled in that mud - and blood-red poppies;
flooded trenches holding 'them' at bay;
life or death a coin's flippant toss-up;
deafening shellfire near by night and day -

! Sonnet 59 For Dad

I'm thinking, Dad, that soon, maybe, we'll meet;
at least, that's how it seems from what I hear;
the info's not at all clear on this point:
like, where exactly; and what will I wear,

! E N T H U S I A S M

I love the old Greek view –
within each of us
the god lies sleeping;
a sweet sleep, full of refreshment,

! ! As Parents To Our Parents

They never teach you this at school;
they'll try to teach you reading, writing, 'rithmetic
in their own instructed ways;

! This Rose. After The Sufi.

This rose - red, scented, rich, without price –
is it speaking to me?
I cannot hear what it says. And yet…

! The First Bike

Do you remember
that your first bike
with all its magic,
had a smell?

! A Tribute To President Bush From Europe

Mr President,

You are all

! Makeover Day

The sun's shining here,
hope it is with you;
the sort of day
I just might put on that new tie