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! This Rose. After The Sufi.

Rating: 2.6

This rose - red, scented, rich, without price –
is it speaking to me?
I cannot hear what it says. And yet…

is it watching me?
it does not blink. And yet…

is it urging me to action?
it gives no sign. And yet…

this rose – so gloriously – is…

so does it know all this?
is it beyond all this?

for while I watch it
and wait for an answer
I know myself more.

perhaps the rose
is not the answer
but the question
and I the answer
and the answerer

Nalini Hebbar 21 July 2006

perhaps the rose is not the answer but the question and I the answer and the answerer...beautiful words...and the search brings you back to 'I'...the only truth in the

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Mary Nagy 21 July 2006

A poem that makes you think.......well done Michael. I love when we look at an object that normally is just ''there'' and it seems to question (and make us question) ourselves. That to me, is truly the mind of a poet. Sincerely, Mary

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No thorns on you sire. I enjoyed this Michael-scent piece. t x

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Mary X 13 September 2006

I like this poem. It reminds me of existentialism, that objects only have our attached meaning to them. We are the answerers and the answers and everything else is a question and/or raises a question. Maybe I have interpreted to poem wrong but poetry is personal and personally I think this is a very philosophical piece. Nice one Mr.Shepherd.

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Jerry Hughes 28 July 2006

Another 'shepherding' of beautiful words....

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Alison Cassidy 28 July 2006

Michael, The more I read you, the more I know you, the more you inspire me. I adore the ecstatic Sufi expression of the divine. The rose (but it has to be a smelly rose) has always done it for me, too. Taken me to that place where the observer and observed become one. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hugh Cobb 24 July 2006

Dear Michael, Lovely, yes the relationship between the observed and the observer is always th issue and we are not only creating the object we observe but are one with it. Each observer will see a different rose that will reveal different knowledge to them. Perhaps the reason is that all we are is a unique expression of what we call God and the only way to know that is to be still and reflect and know the self, the Self and THE SELF! Warm regards, Hugh

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Linda Hepner 24 July 2006

It gives us pause to realize that we and our object rely on eachother. Whether the object is a rose or a stone. You could say the same about God.

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