Michael Shepherd Poems

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! U N I C O R N 1 5

and though there are places, times,
when you are most likely to find it
there in your heart,
there in front of your eyes –

! The First Poem By The First Poet

i'm intrigued by the ur-poem
by allan j saywell
entitled grunt
which is

! Anger

Epictetus the stoic philosopher said
that anyone who angers you becomes your master
by disturbing you;

! Dear Will Shakespeare,

Dear Will,

How are things out there?
just thought you'd like to know,

! G*d Unnamed

So many are reluctant, in their speech,
to make referral to the name of God;
as if to speak thus is to overreach
what may by human mind be understood.

! The Beloved Stranger

It was about seven years
after her breakdown
which she could not remember, and
which I could not forget

! The Eye Of Beauty

Krishna passed that mountain many times;
and yet his followers observed that day
that all his mind was filled with fresh delight
as if he'd never walked, nor seen, that way;

! S I N

Language is a blessing and a curse –
sometimes uniting, sometimes dividing,
sometimes an arrow, sometimes blown blossoms,
misplaced seeds..

! Hello Ok Goodbye

She was so proud to have 'bagged' him -
he'd toured the world on Dad's business;
he'd 'squired'
(that's the word we use -

! Two-Dimensional Dream

If you called me 'two-dimensional', I guess
I'd go away and think about it - is he
insulting me and if so, how?