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How best should I remember you?
I think of how fast lives pass...
No choice but to weep, soon
or last, be lost or caught-


It is sad to see a child's eyes in a morning light
crying out but no bread in sight
Possessions are few and time is brief
The parents-beyond reason wait with grief


All pits of life have gone by.
Your soul is the only thing that
will not die.
Beneath ground are these black caves


I've watched you from a distance.

There's a child I can see in back of your eyes.

Souls Of Old

The burial ground came out of the past.
A spinster a blacksmith and courtesan
all seemed downcast.
Time had stood still with their names

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Sharron Stephenson 09 December 2011

hi keep the strength in your heart good work

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In junior high I started writing short stories. Soon I abandoned it all for fun and fast thrills. We were a group of rebels. It all changed in high school and business school. Poetry, books, paintings, and just the love of any type of art took over. How I miss those days. I have some poems published with poetry.com and others but have not got ...

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