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All pits of life have gone by.
Your soul is the only thing that
will not die.
Beneath ground are these black caves
filled with grief.
Dampness robs you of happiness so brief.
All the walls are cold and rough.
Soon, you feel a strong handcuff.
This is your loneliness held inside.
At your grave friends will stand aside.
Your dreams are eaten away as you
become an ugly clump of clay.
Crawl toward sanity before it devastates.
In the distance you see those gates.
Rush to find your way back.
Don't get caught in the deep dark crack.
Some come back for their pits are few.
This I'm afraid is your life's tattoo.

Sranisha Francis 27 October 2015

So wunderfull narreted................

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your poem is full of powerful words... life words, words from your heart. it makes the poem wonderful in its sad meaning... it puts on the massage for all people... I like it. thanks

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Romeo Della Valle 27 November 2011

Amazing! What a powerful and thought provoking write that clearly shows your wisdom and poetic talent! The truth breathes through this well penned and fine texture write! Thank you for sharing! 10+++ God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! I hope when time permits, you can read my latest poem posted titled: 'A Spirit Uncloaked' and enjoy! Romeo from New York City! ...

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Catastrophe King 15 October 2006

This is very true and honest work. You have a way with the words.... and the uses of imagery is perfectly gelling with the theme. A good work indeed.

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Barbara Terry 13 October 2006

Michele, this is so true. Thank you for sharing. Barbara

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