Michelle Asswit

Rookie (Novemver 26 / Los Angeles.. Still)

Michelle Asswit Poems

1. Heaven And Hell 11/25/2009
2. Glass Half Empty 11/25/2009
3. Dirt Poor 11/25/2009
4. Needle In The Hay 11/26/2009
5. Someway And Somehow 11/26/2009
6. Talking To A Hypocrite 11/29/2009
7. I Like You But... 11/29/2009
8. Athiest 11/29/2009
9. This Is Why You Left Me Now 11/29/2009
10. My Liquid Heart 11/29/2009
11. Murdering 11/29/2009
12. The Upper Hand 11/29/2009
13. Tired And Random 11/29/2009
14. Optical Illusion 11/29/2009
15. I Found This Out. 11/29/2009
16. Marionette 11/29/2009
17. Mentally Unstable 11/29/2009
18. At The Park 11/29/2009
19. Parallel Thoughts 11/30/2009
20. Insomnia 11/30/2009
21. Karma Come Quick 11/30/2009
22. My Best Friend 11/30/2009
23. A Poem About Mary Jane 11/30/2009
24. Dig My Grave 11/30/2009
25. The Cruel Mirror 11/30/2009
26. Voids Are Filling Fast 1/5/2010
27. Stop The Crying 1/5/2010
28. I Wish To Feel Something Real 1/25/2010
29. Crashed Words Thoughts 2/15/2010
30. I'Ll Afflict You, Too. 4/5/2010
31. Cracked Egg 4/5/2010
32. Ignorance Is Bliss 4/5/2010
33. Messed Up Situation 4/5/2010
34. Hudson 5/31/2010
35. From The Sociopaths Brain 5/31/2010
36. Caught In The Headlights 5/31/2010
37. The Apathetic Loser 12/8/2009
38. For It Is Your Last 3/24/2010
39. Don'T Tell Me 12/6/2009
40. The Hitchiker 11/30/2009

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Best Poem of Michelle Asswit

Are You Finished?

I knew once those cold hands touched my chest
The grin on your voice would start looking malicious
But my blind eyes and wishful thinking
Was hoping my assumptions were fictitious
So you continued with what you had to do
Despite the pain you knew you would put me through
Continued to play such an inconsiderate game
That I too, was in, but unaware
That the race was beginning
I was unprepared
So you think I'm stupid
You think I'm a harlot
My vulnerability was just your green light
To sadden me for good the rest of my life
The wound was open and then you...

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Someway And Somehow

I used to need an excuse
To accept being a recluse
I used to sit and mope all day
Just because a few things didn't go my way
But then I grew out of that phase
I realized I'm better off anyways
And all the people that resent me
Well they could all just let me be

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