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Take a gun
And shoot my head
But say 'I love you'
Before I'm dead

I love you more...
Then words can describe
I love the way...
You make me feel inside

You may know my name
And maybe that I'm tall
You might know some of my pet peeves
But you don't know me at all

You never know how bored
you can be until you fall asleep
at lunch your only time to be


For you do not know
How much you are despised
But when you find out
You'll be more then surprised

It'd be pretty drastic
To say you ruined my life
But you came pretty close
It's like you handed me the knife

My names Michelle
I'm about 5'4
Im pretty down to earth
And a little hard core

I stand there in the sand
Waiting for you to grad my hand
But you never come
So I start to run

Ever sit, stare, and wonder
Lost in thought, depression and dreams
Wondering what you did to derserve this
Nothings ever as it seems

Gettin' let down

Why can't these feelings go away?
I don't want them anymore
My brain and heart argue
Everyday that goes by

Yet another day goes by...
You choose to smile or to cry...
Loving life, because you could be dead
But thoughts of him run through your head

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Hey Yall! I'm Michelle Pope but I go by Shell. I've been writing poetry for a while and some things I write just to get a good laugh at and others times I'll write about things going on in my life. I hope you enjoy reading some of the many poems I've written, I havn't posted that many but I will with time... So read, comment, and have fun! ! ! Shell)

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Please Say It

Take a gun
And shoot my head
But say 'I love you'
Before I'm dead

Don't let me leave
Thinking it's a lie
Just say 'I love you'
Before I die

Take my body
Burry it in peace
But say 'I love you'
Before I cease

Come and Visit
Day by day
But say 'I love you'
As you walk away

Don't let them think
You did it in hate
You said 'I love you'
This was my fate

You did it in love
Just like I asked
You said 'I love you'
As I passed

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Michelle Pope 12 September 2005

Please write comments. I love to hear what other poets have to say about what I write. Luv Alwayz Shell

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Michelle Pope Popularity

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