You Poem by Michelle Pope


For you do not know
How much you are despised
But when you find out
You'll be more then surprised

Not even my friends
Know how much I hate you
And if they found out
They'd wonder what'd I do

I wouldn't be vilolent
But I'd tell it to your face
How you ruined my F-in life
How your the disgrace

At least she repented
She did what was right
But your hiding from your sin
Against God you now fight

I hope I never see you again
I hope you banish from this earth
God taking his wrath out on you
Giving you what you deserve

You say you went to some big college
You took English, you took reading
I didn't know they had a course in lying
Or even one in cheating

But you found out that they did
You took it well, you made an 'A'
And now your passing satins test
By not repenting to this day

For this poem i must now end
You don't even deserve these few lines
And if i kept on writing
I'd have to keep you in my mind

Cassandra Howell 13 December 2005

Two Words: F ADAM! all i'm sayin'....

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Mary Nagy 06 August 2005

Sounds like you're better off without this one Michelle. Take care. Sincerely, Mary

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