Why'D You Do It? Poem by Michelle Pope

Why'D You Do It?

Rating: 4.5

It'd be pretty drastic
To say you ruined my life
But you came pretty close
It's like you handed me the knife

It's like you were saying
It doesn't matter to me
You can do it or not
But just let me be

You shattered my heart
I was hurting so bad
I hated you so much
I was so freakin' mad

I still can't say
That I'm not a little ferious
I mean you cant blame a girl
For being a little curious

My heart ached with pain
When you said you liked her more
It's like I drown'd in a sea
And floated ashore

But no one really cared
They let me lay there still and dead
Not wanting to be bothered
Not even lifting their heads

They could careless
They said: It's just Michelle
They dont care if I'm dead
For all they know I'm in hell

But It's going to take time
To get over you
That's not mentioning the fact
That i might not be able to

So wish me luck
Hope for the best
For I'm trying with all my heart
I just hope I pass this test

heavy metal insanity 15 August 2005

That is so true! My ex did that same thing to me! He said that he was bored and wanted to be with one of the girls I was friends with now im not friends with her! And to top everything off she is a physcho path thats threatend my life 4 times!

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Mary Nagy 06 August 2005

It is so hard to get over a broken heart....believe me, you are not alone. Good luck and take care. Nice poem. Sincerely, Mary

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