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Mike Mendoza Poems

1. Just Leave 3/24/2016
2. The Girl 8/10/2016
3. Play On Words 8/31/2016
4. Time Flies 9/9/2016
5. Ashes 9/9/2016
6. Confucius 9/22/2016
7. Still 19 9/27/2016
8. I'm Sick, And On Meds 9/29/2016
9. Too Much 10/6/2016
10. A Note To Chelsea And Matthew 10/14/2016
11. Invisible Tattoos 10/23/2016
12. The Yell 6/16/2017
13. Trash (That I Know) 7/9/2017
14. Just For Fun 7/11/2017
15. Hate 12/28/2013
16. Knowing Where To Go 12/29/2013
17. Life Worth Living 1/1/2014
18. Me 1/30/2014
19. If There Is A Heaven..... 2/1/2014
20. The Ocean, Where It Lays 1/13/2016
21. Exhaust 1/15/2016

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Words and abundance
Red ribbon, how triumphant
Looks like this area's marked
Different after the dark
Low lives with nothing else to do
Desperate to bring something new

Surrounded and there's a lone figure
Bitter, frustration or sweet as sugar
Post paradise to balance on strings
Those lips spill more as your eyes seek him

Still mended with a bit of scuff
Wondering who you were thinking of
A baby begins life. While you end mine with a lie
Magnificent. Magnified. The love. We tried
I'm in the woods. In the chilled
Who's in love? The spoiled...

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I hate life
I hate every being of what I know
All who's done something or nothing I hate, but not all.
I've seen the world today. How every half a day I change.
I live to understand.
To improve my condition and to what i can't stand
I live because i have life, i love life sometimes.
i love everything sometimes. i escape

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