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Miroslava Odalovic Poems

161. As Simple As That 11/23/2011
162. Ash, Poetry And The Day 5/24/2013
163. At The Disposal 11/15/2011
164. At The Heart Of Exit 10/14/2011
165. At The Place Where The Darkness Burnt Out 8/6/2012
166. At The Twilight/U Suton 5/22/2013
167. At Twilights Beyond The Fields / U Sutonima Iznad Polja 12/20/2011
168. Au Lieu Du Monde 5/27/2012
169. Automatic Writing 2/5/2012
170. Autumn Boughs-Jesenje Granje 12/11/2011
171. Autumn Leaves 2/8/2012
172. Ave Globus Terror Te Salutat 12/11/2011
173. Baby Baby Barefoot I Am 10/5/2011
174. Baby Blue You'Ve Got You 9/30/2011
175. Baby's Got Blue Eyes 4/29/2012
176. Badges People Pages 1/2/2012
177. Barbara Girl You Are A Beast/Varvara Djevojko Ti Si Zvijer 10/29/2011
178. Barcelona 9/29/2013
179. Be Silent 12/14/2012
180. Beautiful Blue 4/29/2012
181. Beautiful Soul 12/11/2011
182. Beautiful Touched Light 2/24/2014
183. Beauty Pots Confusion 12/14/2011
184. Because 1/11/2012
185. Because I Am Beautiful 5/23/2013
186. Because I Speak 11/21/2013
187. Beside The Ashes Of An Hour/Kraj Pepela Od Sata 11/22/2012
188. Best Before 5/31/2013
189. Betrayed 6/12/2012
190. Between The Two Lights/Izmedju Dvije Svjetlosti 11/27/2012
191. Between Two Eternities/Izmedju Dvije Vjecnosti 12/28/2013
192. Big Black Dot Targets And Apolo Governments 12/9/2011
193. Big Shot Arrogance 11/18/2011
194. Bipolar Painful His Bones Bound To Brokenness 10/5/2011
195. Birth 12/22/2011
196. Bitter Taste Poisoned Blood 12/11/2011
197. Black Cat Club 9/29/2013
198. Black Rings 1/22/2012
199. Blink Blink 12/8/2011
200. Blitz 12/17/2011
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dance the river is there to rise
dance touch me and close your eyes
dance the winds will touch your feet
just dance and dance feel the beat

dance the river will find its mouth
dance east and west north and south
dance the river will find my lips
dance the poles to move my hips

dance the bees are dancing hives
dance the trees are swaying lives
dance the waves are breaking through
dance the sides for me and you

dance the birds are dancing flights
dance the stars are dancing nights
dance the currents dancing veins
dance in soils dancing ...

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X-Ray Inferno

They called me to be an extra
They did not know I had a camera in my soul
For some all the worlds a stage
For some the whole stage is just the world
Wonder if the great one knew this
When he shook his spears
I was in between
Neither the real actor nor the real lifer
Perhaps this was each interpretation gave up

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