Miroslava Odalovic

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Miroslava Odalovic Poems

1. Picaro 9/30/2011
2. Don’t Blame The Night For What It Is 9/30/2011
3. X-Ray Inferno 10/1/2011
4. It Ain'T Like In The Movies At All 10/1/2011
5. Your Paths Grew Strange You Became 10/5/2011
6. Bipolar Painful His Bones Bound To Brokenness 10/5/2011
7. What Moves Through The Cracks Of The Walls 10/5/2011
8. Mountains Mute Peaked In Birds On The Pines 10/5/2011
9. Can You See The Blue Eye 9/26/2011
10. Let’s Look For A Sunlit Breeze 9/26/2011
11. Accord 9/30/2011
12. What The Mirror Faces Is Not The Sight 9/26/2011
13. Spread Your Soul And Lift 9/26/2011
14. The Star Bethlehem Born 10/5/2011
15. How Many Lives To Die 10/5/2011
16. Baby Baby Barefoot I Am 10/5/2011
17. I'M A Thing 10/5/2011
18. Good Night A Family 10/5/2011
19. Laugh 10/6/2011
20. Picaro Grew Smaller And Smaller 10/6/2011
21. The Trees Know The Heart Of The Breeze 10/7/2011
22. 'Tis A Highly Descriptive Task 10/9/2011
23. Unheard 10/9/2011
24. What Made The Breathing So Soft And So Silent-Ono Što Je Uč İ Nilo Disanje Tako Mekanim İ Tako Tihim 10/9/2011
25. There's A Sunset That's Made Only For The Glass Hour 10/9/2011
26. They'Ll Say 10/10/2011
27. Why Sing Horacio? 10/10/2011
28. Hands In Desire 10/14/2011
29. Speak The Heart 10/14/2011
30. Sing For Me The Song Of Black Birds 10/16/2011
31. Thus Thought An Oak Tree 10/19/2011
32. Sign The Wheel Across The Paths 10/19/2011
33. The Gift Of Words 10/19/2011
34. Hippo And Friends 10/20/2011
35. Even Though I Plan To Cheat On The Astrologist 10/20/2011
36. Hypo Cause Hyper Destruction 10/20/2011
37. Picaro Poli 10/22/2011
38. D Qs U Q 10/22/2011
39. What About Those Who Don’t Play By The Rules 10/23/2011
40. The Day And Night Are Moving 10/23/2011

Comments about Miroslava Odalovic

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  • Barnabas Michael Barnabas Michael (3/7/2014 2:33:00 AM)

    You did Colourful... Am amaze

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  • Filippo Stella Filippo Stella (10/27/2012 5:34:00 PM)

    D Bm
    If I'm a letter you never really read
    G7 F#m A
    do let me lie on a broken stair


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  • Charles Darkly (2/7/2012 6:46:00 PM)

    Miroslava is one of the most gifted poets I've seen on this site if not anywhere. I recommend everyone read her work.

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Best Poem of Miroslava Odalovic

Baby Blue You'Ve Got You

All the guests are gone
Silence on the glass brims
Their laughter will fade out
Their footsteps will be swallowed
By clear night sky

You can close the door
There they are no more

You can say ‘That’s it.’
They won’t care a bit.

All whispers are taken
Silence on the glass brims
Growing into dark
When the lights turn off
Window panes stand broken

You can close them down
They will give no sound

You’ll say ‘It’s ok.’
Try sleep for the day.

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Can You See The Blue Eye

That wipes away the doubts
Turns down all the walls
Builds forgotten lands

Can you see the sky
Wearing the clouds
Fluffy cotton balls
So soft to the hand

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