Miroslava Odalovic Poems

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dance the river is there to rise
dance touch me and close your eyes
dance the winds will touch your feet
just dance and dance feel the beat

Required Field

how on earth do you expect me
to fulfill your required field
you want the poems to be about

Baby Blue You'Ve Got You

All the guests are gone
Silence on the glass brims
Their laughter will fade out
Their footsteps will be swallowed

А Denial Game

Do not touch the heart of the witch
No heart do I have thus she will say
It is the dark hole I deeply enjoy
Self tortured pain screaming for more

I Dreamt Of Sunshine

I dreamt of sunshine in water pools
Of drops and ripples smiling though undone
Of a moonlit Luna and her ancient fools
Barking at the newly born sun

У п а д у л и ш ћ а о д г у р н у т к о р ј е н с т о ј и
Ј е р н и ш т а н е ћ е д а љ е о д т л а
Н и о н а и с п о д р а з г р а н а т а
П о д з е м н а к р и л а з е м љ е

(in) Consistency/Nedosljednost

A Creative Writing Course

I am supposed to teach them something
and it's a bit ironic because I've always believed
I can teach them only what they already know
or want to know

A Little Daughter

She drew
Mother and father
Brother and sister
And a rainbow

A Graffiti Of A Turned Down Wall

The agained unsmithed
Striking the nails high into the sky
House scattered weeping for a roof
A shelter dreamed of from the foundation

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