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He's standing there
playing with my hair
Laughing and smiling
Life seems fair

Would you believe
this little tale I’ll tell
About two friends
Who tripped over and fell

A world without you,
Is a world without light,
A world without hope,
A world without sight.

So close, yet so far apart
Lay our needy, wanting hearts.
Trapped with chains, and locks of steel,
Escape seems too far from real

I’m sorry I can’t say it above a whisper.
I start to feel faint as the world starts to shiver.

I saw the mirrors with silver water,
and immediately, I thought:
I couldn’t do it. I can’t climb it.
There must be another way up.

Thinking about the times we had,
Under the Sakura tree;
Listening to the wind blow,
Next to the clear blue stream.

Dreams so sweet and ever so soft
Feels as though anything is possible
Reality shatters the Dream
Says “you have to prove your worth”

My heart’s beating hard
about to burst
I’m dizzy from
thinking about the worst

Inversions, these are.
Go far, I won't.
To talk like Yoda, I try.
Like it, I don't.

Delicate, fragile.
That little bud
Hiding from the temptations of the warm embrace
Of shimmering, sincere sun rays.

I feel like writing a poem now..
Especially after our little fight,
Listen to your brain-
Listen to your heart-


You cry and hurt,
And yet you say you're fine.
But I know I'm to blame,
for every single sigh.

Floating through the foggy forest, I can hear the
soft falsetto voice whispering a simple children's’ tune.
Simple, the tune is, but not the words the voice sang.
It seemed as though it were a different language-an

I don't know what I could say to make you feel better....
“Sorry” has been used too many times before...
All I want is for us to be forever...
But love, if this goes on, how could we anymore?

My heart skips a beat when you're talking to me.
I can barely say a word, but when I do,
It sounds absurd.

A promise will been broken,
Between her and him.
She dies slowly inside;
Her vision growing dim.

I’m not that type of girl,
Even if it looks that way.
I understand what you saw.
I’m not sure what to say.

See the world,
as i see it:
A dark, hopeless,
bottomless pit.

Gently as wind blows
Sways the beauty of the Milk White rose
Day and night that rose stays
Its beauty drawing people closer

Mon Fur Biography

This is my old stash of poems that I wrote when I was in middle school to freshman year of high school.

The Best Poem Of Mon Fur

Stuck In A Daydream

He's standing there
playing with my hair
Laughing and smiling
Life seems fair

'I'll never choose another'
He whispers, handing me flowers
He leans in for a kiss
I'm weak for his power

But I never got those flowers
Or the kiss I would've missed
I was just stuck in a daydream
that caused me to wish...

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Lux Lator 04 November 2012

Great poet, a great inspiration. Keep it up!

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Bernadeth Tolentino 21 August 2011

Great poet, straight forward with words, writes what she means. Keep writing! :)

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