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My dear father
I wonder where you are
On the other side but beside me
Or among the far-away star

Get on your feet
Get out of the lethargic seat
Don’t stay idle

I am Salmon
The great swimmer
With scales beautiful
And silvery-white

(this poem pays tribute to a character from the novel ' I Heard the Owl Call My Name'. It is understood better is the reader has read the book)

We were typical Kingcome villagers
Till you came and filled our hearts

Moments that are tough
And the moments that you are buff
The nights that you try
And the nights that you cry

(i wrote this as a contribution towards....'Earth Hour')

A heavenly orb
Whirling third from the sun

(This poem is dedicated to people who are suffering from depression. Depression isn’t the end of the world. You must be strong and fight it)

That vicious inner fiend
Poisoned his mind

Let the wings of light
shield me from the storm
wrap me with love
and be my uniform.

You are an invisible part
Of the Celestial power
Where thoughts bloom from you
Like an everlasting flower.

Close your eyes
And feel the unrealized
A world awaits your sentience
Of the impending sunrise.

The twelfth day of January
Eighteen sixty three
A typical day it was
With the same sun and the sea

Ever knew that magic
Does exist around you
It pulls you out of tragic
And reveals the good in you

(A Tribute to Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, leader of Fiji)

A star is very special
As it shines brilliantly at night

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My Dear Father

My dear father
I wonder where you are
On the other side but beside me
Or among the far-away star

My dear father
I wonder how you are
As happy as you always made us
Or lonely as u left ma

Can you hear me father?
Can you see me too?
What is the great divide?
That keeps me from seeing you

Will you guide me father?
I feel exposed on this ride
Can i hear your voice father?
To follow through as my guide

Could i be dreaming father?
And you are now awake?
Will you wake me from life father?
And assure this is all but a divine make?

My dear father
Please never be sad
You loved and are loved profoundly
By all in ways said and unsaid

Take care my dear father
I will talk to you again
Hoping that you hear me
Across to the spirit plane

Monesh Kumar

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