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take me! reclaim me!
o earth that has made me!
govern my being compleat
til you tame me,

gather them, gather them
into your hand,
year after year like some
great pile of sand,

not his lover - but his angel.
he wasn't made - for her.
but heaven - had arranged it so
that she - his needs preferred

moon's light
also borrows from stars
be who you are!

if only my poetry
soothed like a balm
if only the verses
rehearsd in my mind

a thousand lines of poetry
a thousand reasons to believe
in such a thing as muses singing
touching deepest part.

i hear spirits!
dare i say it?
faeries tell me things...
whispering like misty mornings

trust is not like sword delaying
somewhere overhead
(of damocles or other, praying
for release from dread.)

a life well lived is fraught with stains.
some are forever set,
and last beyond remembrance of their cause.
like grassy green on favorite jeans

lady of the lake am i,
a watcher in the wood;
a restless spirit glowering,
depending on the mood;

the light invaded darkness once that was.
its brightness lay to waste the perfect night,
and blackness stained, blood seeping through the gauze
which hides a wound, while crimson rose on white

the place where poetry resides
what mortal soul can tell?
'twere easier to say whence comes a dream.
what course the wind of heaven rides,

there is
no such a thing as me.
that is - if God be infinite,
it seems a blatant blaspheme

they touch
not deep enough to feel.
their love,
a show of lust.

my god, my lover is, my self;
my heart, it's highest thought, my soul;
the very air, my only breath,
my god in truth is all of this.

a butterfly won't linger til it's wings
are torn and tattered,
as if only one thing mattered:
it's own being.

black cat hunting butterflies
stalks then pounces, never mind
he's yet to capture single one!
enraptured in his feline fun,

barking dogs float
on a moat of fog.
hawks shriek by
kamikazi pilot like...

i look forward to a next time
but if that should never happen
i would be content with passion's memory.
for what has love to do with lust?


i know where,
if nothing else.

i know with whom,

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too many twists and turns to mention here.... or not sure if either is the true url...but you can always simple go to and search by poet name moon spirit.. my biography is my poetry... i write my life.. love to share antique or obscur poetry... poetry i find on sites like this.. and that i have collected shopping in bookstores... my shelves are full! i share these at don't know what else to say)

The Best Poem Of moon batchelder

! Take Me!

take me! reclaim me!
o earth that has made me!
govern my being compleat
til you tame me,

your rhythms to keep,
your intents to pursue.
let me rise with the sun,
maybe cry with the dew,

may i rage with the thunder
and blaze with the noon,
and constantly change
like the face of the moon.

make my heartbeat to flow
with the pulse of creation,
govern each inflowing breath,
til the moment

you teach me to sleep.
then succombing with grace,
may i die in the winter,
by spring take my place

with the myriad other life forms
taking birth;
in time with the seasons
that govern the earth.

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Alan Mcdowall 21 October 2009

Class work congrats very good poem

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Zubyre Parvez 09 November 2006

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! Yes, am very interested in symbolism, mysticism and all that malarky also :) Blessings, Zub

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