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Hello, I am a poet from London. My work has appeared in Visions, True Words Poetry Anthology, Callused Hands. I won runners up prize in a poetry competition judged by the English contemporary poet Simon Armitage and the literary talent Margaret Atwood in 1997 and the University of Hertfordshire literary publication. I have read lots of poetry. My favourites have been the poet Anna Akhmatova, the poet Derek Walcott, and of course, Shakespeare. Spoken word artists such as Benjamin Zephaniah and other rap lyricism has been interesting. I have had 20,000 downloads of my poetry online, and shared some poetry on other blogs and other sites over the years. I want to share some of these poems. I continue to write poetry to this day. I will be putting up my latest work.)

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Zubyre Parvez Popularity

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