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I am lost in a room with people all around.
I smile at them, nod my head, but do not make a sound.
Even though there are people everywhere I still feel all alone
I climb high up in the stands above searching for the one whom makes my heart moan.

For many years I lived in the dark

Waiting for that magic spark

My mind is adrift a boat lost in the sea
With so much water around yet I am still thirsty

I see fins in the water just waiting for me to fall

As I sit here alone at night
I think about giving up on my fight
I was used once so why not again
All I ask for is for all this pain to end.

Memories of you face a concerned and frightening stare
The paleness of your skin, the oxygen mask that you must wear

Tell me, is this going to be alright?

As I looked up into the dark moonlit night
A twinkling little light caught a glimpse in my sight

Is this the star I have been waiting for year after year?

I am confused what more is there to say
I have feelings for someone who cannot love me in that way.

The feelings that I have are hurting me inside

A crashing sound in the dark of night
I wake up suddenly shaking relentlessly in fright

Is it he who is breaking in?

He flies in the air with his wings spread out wide
In a circle he goes in a beautiful stride
He screams out loud to show his pride
Over the ocean he swoops missing the tides

I love him so much but he does not seem to care
It is not me he wants, it is her he wants to be near

I was once his wife, I gave him his only son

I feel so alone tonight
I want some arms around me to hold me tight
Whisper words that everything is going to be alright
I feel so alone tonight.

Black and blue marks surround my eyes, so sunglasses I do wear
Seven O'clock is close at hand, the time that I most fear.
My husband will be home from work, so dinner I must set
I hope the dinner is good enough or angry he will get.

Dreams are confusing what are they trying to say
Are they subconscious thoughts in your head of wishes one day?

For if this true and they are your desires of thought


The voices in my head are telling me what to do
The subconscious desires of want, the realities are true.
So then why don't I follow, why don't I give in?
Why don't I just follow my heart and commit the wrongly sin?

Many times we take life for granted,
We don't appreciated the little things we have,
We have a tendency to desire those things we cannot get
We are jealous of those who have these things we want


As I sat on the ocean's shore
I decided that I wanted to live no more
Life was easy when I was young
But as I grew older it was no fun

Quiet whispers of desperate cries fill within my head
Life no longer matters to me, the soul within is dead.
I tried the best to live the life you wanted me to lead
But instead of praise you gave me hell, and for this my heart did bleed.

Why should I live when my world has fallen apart?
Why should I let time heal my broken heart?
I am told that I am hated, that there is no love for me
Why should I live, What use in the world will I be?

Walking through a park at night I hear a sudden sound
Footsteps following close behind stomping on the ground.
Trying not to be suspicious I walk a faster pace
The footsteps begin to follow mine as if it were a race.

I do not know how I can explain to you the way I really feel
I am afraid the truth would push you away that it would not appeal
I almost gave you my pseudo name so that you could read my writing
My heart was saying yes but my brain just kept on fighting

Moore Hope Biography

College graduate who had hard times throughout life. Wrote poems as a way to cope with all the issues I faced. Most of the poems where thoughts in my head that just came to me and flowed. Alot of these poems were written upteen years ago, and I just wanted to share them with others to let them know that even though times can be rough, there is sunlight at the end of the road, and life can turn out for the better eventually. Don't ever let anyone push you around! When you fall stand back up on your own two feet and walk. Walk away from those who are a bad influence on your life no matter how much they may mean to you. Learn to depend on yourself and not others, for many times those others go away. We really but have only a few true friends which we know will be there for us, but they are few and rare. Hold onto those gems in you life!)

The Best Poem Of Moore Hope

Love Can Break Down Walls

I am lost in a room with people all around.
I smile at them, nod my head, but do not make a sound.
Even though there are people everywhere I still feel all alone
I climb high up in the stands above searching for the one whom makes my heart moan.

I have a mission in life and a dream to pursue,
The downfall of this action is that the other person never knew.
We are close together as close as friends can be
But I think I am in love, and I know that it is she.

She makes me happy and I really care for her, I truly do
How did I know this, because my heart told me to

You see a long time ago, my heart was stabbed many times
I did not fight back for I thought that the fault was all mine.

However eventually I realized that the love for me was all wrong,
That the abuse I was taunted with was not a lovely dance song.

This verbal and mental abuse helped me to build up a wall.
To hide myself from getting hurt I locked my heart up in a cold stall.
Deep in the cavity chest it did beat
But not for the love that was the cause of my defeat.

For many years this wall stood up so strong
But then one day you came along.

Drop by drop, the bricks were let down
And my ice cold heart began to melt and make a new sound.

I felt warming and desire, feelings I have never felt before.
Butterflies fluttering in my stomach every time I saw you at the door.

There were even times that I could not say a word no matter how hard I tried
For if I spoke what I really wanted to say to you, then I would have had to lied.

So I do not say a word, for I don't want to lose you as my friend.
For if I ever did that then my life would definitely have no meaning to the end.

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Emancipation Planz 23 March 2009

When a picture within a picture is worth a thousand words.. I so so love it! ! ! tis the best of poetry... aroha xx

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