Mpho Nkadimeng

Mpho Nkadimeng Poems

1. Let Me Live 6/27/2015
2. Forever 6/29/2015
3. Beyond My Measures Of Death 6/29/2015
4. Unknown She 6/29/2015
5. Hopes Of Happily Ever After 7/1/2015
6. Lullaby Of My Dawn 7/1/2015
7. Contexts Of My Contents 7/2/2015
8. Into The Valley Of Lost Breaths 7/2/2015
9. Dazing Days Of A Teen 8/17/2015
10. Volume Of My Existance 8/18/2015
11. Let's 8/18/2015
12. Leaves In Life 8/18/2015
13. My Sacrifice 9/7/2015
14. An Empty Basket 6/26/2015
15. Hush My Queen 6/26/2015
16. My Hated Love 6/26/2015
17. Mortal Man 11/18/2015
18. Water And Sand 1/2/2016
19. Whispers Of My Past Winters 1/15/2016
20. In Between 6/20/2017
21. The Dawn Of Her Absence 6/27/2015
22. I Loved A Feminist 9/20/2015
Best Poem of Mpho Nkadimeng

The Dawn Of Her Absence

In the dawn of her absence
He lived in isolation
With her voice secluded
Death rendered her will to all scripted words of adulation
He paged through all the verses that tasked his conclusions
But death was still the same theme in her adoration
Words widely sanded her soul that massed her nation
And stars shook their rays with admiration
But awe left without an understanding to his intuition
Vibrant songs of time spaced their moments
And demise saw craft in her fulfilments
Though the mirror showed him a dying soul
Dancing with darkness in the light
Her ...

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My Hated Love

mine is my mind that flays the living out of me
like time
rearranging my spaces your spaces this space rearranged to favour time
to favor the mind that hopes to get life out of this living hell rented to minds
i hope the life i wish to cast will never do time in dreams of mortal deeds
and if so not with soliciting passion
who am i to live for when my only legacy running in my genes evaporate to no circumstances i orchestrated for life
i need life but im told life needs time but i don't n

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