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I am the master of disguise
I could be the best of spies
But I just satisfy myself
With a bunch of lies

In days of old
stories were told
Of King Nebuchadnezzar
and his statue of gold

I am afraid it is too good to be true
I have never felt this happy since the day I met you
I know it is just a month or two
But I feel you, I forever knew


Harry potter had his invisibility cloak
But these are the things that I love to invoke


Rosa dressed in green every day. She wore her grey jumper and flat canvas shoes and was ready for another day.

If people observed her, one cannot say, nor was she willing to hear their way. One thing was certain Rosa always had her play.

This is the real me
For all the world to see
I only pay attention
To what matters, I be

Does she love me or am I just prey
For yet another of her countless surveys?
Is this just a probe
In love cleverly enrobed?

Can I keep you close
Or even use your prose?
Just want to be your rose

Finally someone made for me
Yet I am running away from ye?
Just beginning a life of subterfuge
In this cold world a refuge

We met for a reason
A blessing or a lesson
It is certainly not treason


Have I passed the test?
I saw you behind
Your tresses all messed


Can I hug you now?
Until your pains don't show
Can I protect you from sadness
From days long ago?

The Sun and the Moon can never meet
Their fate is irrevocably sealed
Echoes of dismay pealed

Je pensais avoir tout vu
Et avait entendu toutes les chansons
Jusqu'à ce que vous êtes venu en vue
Ta voix est mélodie

Ton amour me fait marcher sur l'air
Une minute je coule
Le lendemain, je suis levé du désespoir
J'adore chaque moment fou

Une fois que j'ai voulu trouver mon â me
Trouve que j'ai fait
Il m'a fait tout
Il a fait mon Live complet


J'ai besoin de sentir votre touche pour une caresse réelle douce
Une étreinte sans fin profonde
Un long baiser profond
Sur mes lèvres


capricieux comme la lune
c'est ce que mon amour est
il cire et décroît
et change chaque jour

I watch the world march past before me
Lost in their own sweet pace
Some in earnest to pass the test
And some just taking it as jest

Je détesterais te perdre mon ami
Et pour cette raison même
Je détesterais aller
J'aime la marque

The Best Poem Of H Seeking

Master Of Disguise

I am the master of disguise
I could be the best of spies
But I just satisfy myself
With a bunch of lies

I am a faceless fiend
I pretend to be a friend
And into a thousand pieces, your heart
I can rend

She loves me
From her missives I can tell
But for no reason or rhyme
I just bide my time

I have a few more wild oats to sow
No time for petty rows
Why, how could I resist
Isabel Crow or even Lisette Marlow?

I follow them with my cyber eyes
I watch their every move
People usually give up after a few tries
But not me I am the master of disguise

Sometimes I falter
On my way to the altar
But usually
I am the rock of Gibraltar

One day I know
My true love I will show
That tis only her
That I truly adore

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