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Asset (Your Smile)

If you were to compete for fun,
Contra the moon and the sun,
With your magnificent grin,
You would definitely win.


For letting train of thought to evanesce,
by an inapt distraction of nullity.
Strain to entrain link anew to coalesce....
For lettingtrain of thought to evanesce,

My God Has Not One Name

My God has not one but sobriquets a million,
answers to all and every one of the appellation.
My God hests no proof of liveries of my troth,
for my liturgy cantillates all its strength.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

A penny saved is solely a penny
Altho it's shiny and tiny ~ ask any,
If kept many to a rainy day, handy
for a parasol or for pot of honey.


Those days...oft vista of your world rendered the difference,
Those days... unbridled was our confidence,
Those days...sculpted us despite our permission,
Those days... yet bedded in us splendid passion,

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