Namita Rani Panda Poems

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Ahalya The Winner

Is being beautiful my sin?
Is being tricked and seduced my fault?
Cursed I am for no fault of mine

Government Quarters

"Is this a house fit for living dear
Which has less wall and more windows and doors? "

"Free flow of fresh air is perhaps our Head's chief concern

My Unique Charger

When there are storms in the air
By my side they're always there!

When my joy overflows as a monsoon river

My Only Wish

I am a dainty Dandelion
popped up in the darkest corner of your heart's lawn
that looks cheerful in every season
scattering the warmth and power of the sun.

I Love You Poet

In my darkest night,
When there is no source of light
Your words twinkle like stars
That solace my soul, though afar.

An Obsolete Object Of Study

She was just a bud yet to unfurl her petals
A free bird joyful, pristine and wholly natural
A raging, roaring, vibrant innocent tribal girl
He seemed to be a noble man in his forty

A Divine Letter

Isn't the sky a divine letter
with Sun, moon and stars as its indelible letters
written by God with heavenly ink
that perpetually entice and blink?

My Summer Rain!

You descended eagerly from heaven
to lave with love my dreary desert pain,
to soothe my parched skin with soothing caress,
kissing my dry leaves and grass to be a source of solace.

Missing You Dear!

You're now perennial rivers of tear,
That fail to lave my love, my priceless treasure!

You're now the dart pierced into my silently sobbing heart

My Pole Star

When my sky is darkest deep
with no moon or stars to peep;
when I'm drained of all my hopes
asto progress there is no scope;

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