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Is being beautiful my sin?
Is being tricked and seduced my fault?
Cursed I am for no fault of mine

"Is this a house fit for living dear
Which has less wall and more windows and doors? "

"Free flow of fresh air is perhaps our Head's chief concern

When there are storms in the air
By my side they're always there!

When my joy overflows as a monsoon river

I am a dainty Dandelion
popped up in the darkest corner of your heart's lawn
that looks cheerful in every season
scattering the warmth and power of the sun.

In my darkest night,
When there is no source of light
Your words twinkle like stars
That solace my soul, though afar.

She was just a bud yet to unfurl her petals
A free bird joyful, pristine and wholly natural
A raging, roaring, vibrant innocent tribal girl
He seemed to be a noble man in his forty

Isn't the sky a divine letter
with Sun, moon and stars as its indelible letters
written by God with heavenly ink
that perpetually entice and blink?

You descended eagerly from heaven
to lave with love my dreary desert pain,
to soothe my parched skin with soothing caress,
kissing my dry leaves and grass to be a source of solace.

You're now perennial rivers of tear,
That fail to lave my love, my priceless treasure!

You're now the dart pierced into my silently sobbing heart

When my sky is darkest deep
with no moon or stars to peep;
when I'm drained of all my hopes
asto progress there is no scope;

Can the Earth forget the first touch of rain
after long scorching summer?
Can the tree forget the pleasure
Of bearing the first fruit or flower?

With the end of the arduous labour
and the strainful struggle,
leaving its crysalis
my beautiful blue Butterfly

Please come and sit down by my side
Silent and still
Like a mountain in meditation
By the side of a river,

Let me sing a song for my own appreciation
Like the song of celebration for mother Earth in Rain ready for regeneration,
Let me sing a song glorifying menstruation
With pride and dignity without inhibition.

Any relation,
If with love and care, is sown,
Grows into a tree in full bloom,

The seed of ending
sown by you with extreme bitterness,
that despite my futile efforts to kill with endless stress,
remained lively and fresh,

"O' my Mom! You're so uncaring and cruel,
why don't you pity me when I stumble and fall?

Look how mom Cow kisses and licks

A drop of tear
That spills from the eye's corner
Is a pool of feelings
Keeps rippling,

Never ask a tree how it feels
When a flower is plucked
Or a branch is broken or cut,
Never ask the sky how it feels

I lost my innocence
When I asked my mom
" Do really fairies exit?
Why doesn't Lord Jagannath have feet? "

Namita Rani Panda Biography

Mrs Namita Rani Panda, M.Phil (Eng) , M.Ed, is a multilingual poet, story writer and translator from Sambalpur district of Odisha, India. She now works as Vice-Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Cuttack under the Ministry of HRD, Dept. of School Education and Literacy, Govt. of India. Her five published Anthologies of poems are Blue Butterflies, Rippling Feelings, A Slice of Sky and A Song for Myself and Colours of Love. Her signature words are love, optimism which can be felt in most of her creations. She is an active member of Cosmic Crew, a literary group of women poets in Odisha working with the motto "My pen for the world.")

The Best Poem Of Namita Rani Panda

Ahalya The Winner

Is being beautiful my sin?
Is being tricked and seduced my fault?
Cursed I am for no fault of mine
mercilessly reduced to a lifeless stone!
And years after years
while waiting for redemption
every loving word of yours
kept ringing in my ears.
You used to say
taking my hand in yours,
'I love you the most,
I love to lose my way
in your beautiful heart
inhaling its sweet scent.

You are unique; believe me
there is something in you;
falsely I never praise you.
You are a burning beauty
like a star at night.'
And delightedly I delved deeper
into your ocean of love.

But at an instant they turned into a curse
and you being a pious ascetic
showered your fiery temper.
Lying as a lifeless stone
I searched every nook and corner
like a musk deer;
but like a thirsty traveller in the desert
found nothing but mirage.

Is there anything in me
or just flattery and hypocrisy?
I laughed at my own self:
So gullible I was!
A victim of one's trickery
and cheated and cursed by my loved one
to a life of untold misery.

Once the archetype of chastity
reduced to a worthless stone for infidelity!
The long tormenting confinement
made me bolder and stronger,
physical beauty I craved no longer.

Though a piece of stone I was
I had a heart full of hope
love, life and regret.
Undauntedly I bore your curse.

But you stone hearted Gautama!
You lost my heart for ever;
you lost the battle you had won.
Didn't you lose your love?
Didn't you lose your life?
You lived the rest of your life
with a lifeless stone heart-
a living dead you are!

So, I the Ahalya announce today
' I am the winner
and you the Gautama-
the greatest loser forever! '
*(c) Namita Rani Panda

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Prabir Gayen 31 March 2020

You are exceptionally talented poetess.... Thanks

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Prabir Gayen 01 April 2019

Very talented poetess.....God bless you....//

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Namita Rani Panda Quotes

'Life is a dazzling dewdrop on the tip of a blade of grass that dances ups and down to the wind of time, that anyhow falls to the ground and disappears but enchants the world with its beauty before falling.' Namita Rani Panda

'Optimism is that oxygen which keeps a person truly alive without which one remains alive in coma.' Namita Rani Panda

'Love is my heartbeat. I am deeply in love with life and every creation of God. If I cease to love, it will be the end of my life and I never prefer to die an untimely death.' Namita Rani Panda

' Relations are beautiful flowers with varied hues and fragrance, a fountain of infinite cheer, a solace in difficult hours. If handled with love and care, they instill in us the desire in us to live and love life intensely in spite of difficulties. If crushed carelessly life turns into a dreary desert.' Namita Rani Panda

Even the darkest night can never eclipse your inherent light if you can't but think bright.

Sunset or sunrise, on the shore of life happiness lie scattered as surprise. It's you to decide either to fill with them your basket or to move on and regret.

As a rose is always with thorns, behind a sweet smile an ocean of sorrow may be concealed. Behind the beautiful look a sorrowful story may be veiled.

Shed the ‘I' in you so that you can mingle with the ‘I' in every object in Nature and feel their pain and pleasure and you can be linked to the universal soul.

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