The Pink Briefcase Poem by Nancy Chambers

The Pink Briefcase

When I was in Junior High
A term for Middle School in a time gone by
My Mother bought me a briefcase of pink
Although I loved it, I was worried what others would think
It gave the kids a reason to poke fun
Carrying a pink briefcase, I was the only one.
So I’d leave home briefcase in hand then hide it under a tree
Because I did not want the kids to make fun of me.
Someone tore off the handle and made me mad
The ruined briefcase made my Mother sad.
Kids still made fun of me anyway
As I walked to school day after day
I was young and weak then
Teenage life was hard without a friend.
Those days were difficult and long
But they built character and made me strong.
A life’s lesson was taught
By the pink briefcase my Mother bought.
I learned to walk in my own shoes
And live my life as I’d choose.
Many years of time have passed.
Is that our grandson’s girlfriend? My husband asked
I can’t tell, they all look and dress the same
The only thing different about them is their name
I can’t distinguish one girl from another.
Too bad she’d never been given a pink briefcase by her Mother!

James B. Earley 03 March 2008

For sharing this touching story, thanks!

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Malini Kadir 02 March 2008

It brings out two lovely aspects in it.... one that the pink brief case.... about tougher situation and Also that the fad of fashion these days resulting in stereotypes Beautiful write...insightful Madam...l loved it!

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Marilyn Lott 02 March 2008

I loved your poem, Nancy. It brings back unpleasant memories school but you're right, it does make us strong. We all just want to be accepted. Very well written! Marilyn

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