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According to Wikipedia -
Nancy Clendenin Terrell was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1940 to James Emmett Terrell, Executive Vice President of Mead Johnson Company and Nannie Belle Clendenin. On the Terrell side she traces her family back to President Thomas Jefferson (her 8th great uncle) whose sister, Martha, is Nancy's 8th great grandmother. ...

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Long have I known the feel
of droplets soft upon my hair,

Hurricane Maria

The winds started four hours ago
now clocking close to 100 mph -
sounds of a freight train
roaring across our yard.

Turning Seventy

a crossroads -
explaining -
exhilaration -
upon turning 70

Missing David

We are both so damed independent
but now we are growing older
so when we are apart
the separation

I Am The Grandmother

I am the granddaughter to my old grandmother
And the grandmother to my granddaughter so dear
I am the flower growing strong not to smother
and the stem giving balance to the leaves of others

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