Alive Thoughts Poem by Natasha Andeyi

Alive Thoughts

Rating: 5.0

I'm probably not your type.
I may never exist in your world.
But it won't break a heart to imagine my soul is bound to yours.
If push comes to shove,
I'll be the arms you run to when this world falls apart.
They'll be the place you feel safest because at home is where they're at.

It's not too much of a thought that I cross your mind once in a while,
That anything said in our seven seconds in touch leaves a mark in the back of our minds.
Wondering if you also think about me the way I do you.
That every word I say makes you feel some type of way,
Because just like you, I have that effect.
They may be just thoughts, but not too much to be alive.

It might be crazy that such a world exists in my mind,
But you can't blame me for trying to have the best time of my life.
We could be a number of us,
But we both know that none of them can ever beat my worth.
I'm worthy of your heart, because mine is hailed by me.

And I know that diamonds cannot beat you as a gem,
Because apart from being alive, you take time with the hurt,
Embracing the lessons from the cruel side of life.
We definitely share that for a fact.
I don't mind thinking our worlds will cross at some point in this life,
And I know it won't be for the sake of it.

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