Kumarmani Mahakul Nature Poems

Law Of Nature

Laborious persons often get their fruits
Laboured wealth is valuable more
Labyrinth can't entangle them
Lack for nothing they feel ever.

Goddess Nature Oh Mother

In flame of wisdom we worship,
Having deep austerity,
Midnight has become mid-day,
We are not worried,

Nature In Winter

There are many beautiful sites around Earth
Nippy waterfalls, dense forest and its organic girth
Many people visit waterfall and have picnic,
They enjoy the beauty of nature trail and technique.

Great Is Mother Nature

Great is her day, each day
That we realize as heaven,
When in a banyan leaf
She offers a banyan fruit

Mercy Of Nature

Turn is guarded by turn,
Tone is refreshed by tone,
Pace is slow and steady
Sweetness is gradually blown,

Nature Warns Before Calamities

Beautiful nature is lovable,
Many seasonal flows we see,
Changes come and we call,
Beautiful wind sends message.

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