Nature In Winter Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Nature In Winter

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There are many beautiful sites around Earth
Nippy waterfalls, dense forest and its organic girth
Many people visit waterfall and have picnic,
They enjoy the beauty of nature trail and technique.

Migration of birds in winter is lovely
Different colours of flowers look nicely.
Bees move from flower to flower in budging,
People enjoy the colourful flower in amusing.

Scenery dances in garden or in the park,
There are many flowers like marigold those mark.
Rose, chine rose, jasmine, zinnia and water lily
These effloresce in winter and bear chilli.

In corn fields there are green leaves of wheat,
Yellow flowers of mustard plants go can meet.
Both create charming and beautiful site to look,
In green waves golden star floats in a brook.

At misty morning it feels extreme cold
Some nippers bask in the fire with old.
Some use warm clothes like jacket counterpane,
They eat fresh warm food, satisfaction they gain.

We ought not caught trees and pollute air,
Pollution of water and Earth cannot make fair.
If we shall be cautious and clean the environment,
Natural calamities will come rarely, will not be violent.

During winter nature expresses many beautiful types of scenery. Around Earth beautiful sites appear.Waterfall and dense forests are few among these. People love to go to picnic to site of waterfall. With trial and technique they enjoy the beauty of nature. Birds migrate in winter that makes very nice.Different colours of flowers blossom and look nice. From flower to flower bees move. In amusing people enjoy these flowers.In garden and park many flowers like marigold, rose, chine rose, jasmine, zinnia and water lily blossom and make scenery beautiful. Green leaves of wheat and yellow mustard flowers add beauty to this again. Golden star floats in green scenery. Extreme cold is felt at misty morning. With old aged people some bask at certain places. Some use warm clothes and use to eat warm food. Likewise they gain satisfaction. We should not cut trees and pollute air. This cannot make fair at all. If we will be aware and clean environment then natural calamities will not come or rarely come. This is the theme of the poem in nutshell. This is written in Deogarh, Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
Mahtab Bangalee 07 November 2018

O' thrilling feel I here over all plays the winter

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Liza Sudina 25 October 2015

What I Love in poems - they are written in we - form, not selfish I!

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Edward Kofi Louis 19 December 2014

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 16 December 2014

Informative yet a nice poem thanks a lot for share

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Kumarmani Mahakul

Kumarmani Mahakul

Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA
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