Neil McGreevy

Rookie - 20 Points (10th January 1950 / Selly Oak)

Neil McGreevy Poems

1. David's Big Question 9/2/2012
2. Partners In Slime 9/2/2012
3. Summer 9/2/2012
4. Get It While You Can Lads 9/2/2012
5. Pressure 9/2/2012
6. Haunted By The Past 9/2/2012
7. Where? 9/2/2012
8. A Jog Around The Compounds 9/2/2012
9. Fence And Fence Ability 9/2/2012
10. Reversery Rhyme 9/3/2012
11. A La Carte 9/4/2012
12. A Nautical Tale 9/7/2012
13. The Spice Of Life 9/14/2012
14. The Other Arrow 10/1/2012
15. Error 10/12/2012
16. Eureka 2/26/2014
17. Hippo Pet, A Must 2/26/2014
18. Spring Clean 12/2/2014
19. A Poem By Lord Bunion To His Sweetheart Lady Isabella Dandruff 9/12/2012
20. Another Burning Deck Poem 9/8/2012
21. The Pm Stood On The Burning Deck 9/3/2012
22. Anatomy For Kids 9/3/2012
23. A Dip Into The King's Purse (A Story With A Dory In It) 9/2/2012
24. Oh To Be In England 9/8/2012
25. Having A Lovely Day 9/7/2012
26. The Arrow 9/9/2012
27. The Road To Nowhere 9/12/2012
28. The Rule Of Law 9/10/2012

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Best Poem of Neil McGreevy

The Rule Of Law

You speak of the rule of law
but I've heard it all before
it can only be described as obsolete
when the one who does the crime
is released in half the time
that to takes to get the victim on his feet

Whilst the perpetrator slouches
on the institutional couches
that the injured party paid for through his tax
the infirmary attempts
to repair the cuts and dents
that the criminal inflicted with his axe

When the casualty goes back
to the scene of the attack
he is counselled for a time then pushed aside
whilst the villain gets to savour
all the...

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Haunted By The Past

When I was on a secret mission
I was visited by an apparition
it came up out of the morning mist
and took the form of a trombonist

At first I thought this strange creation
was a figment of my imagination
then the poltergeist kicked off its shoes
and flew straight into an eight bar blues

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