Neil Solan

Rookie (05/06/1983 / Warrington)

Neil Solan Poems

1. Skeleton 7/7/2005
2. Rogue Ant 7/7/2005
3. My Dentist Friend 7/7/2005
4. Vicissitudes 7/7/2005
5. Lackadaisical But Friendly 7/7/2005
6. An Empty Heart Goes On 7/7/2005
7. Springbox Child 7/7/2005
8. Looking Forward To Death 7/7/2005
9. Song For Summer 8/23/2005
10. Just A Bagman 8/23/2005
11. Madame Guillotine 8/23/2005
12. My Lovely Leg Iron 8/23/2005
13. Silence Hurts 7/7/2005
14. Larceny Of Life 7/7/2005
15. Dipsomania Explained 7/7/2005
16. It Started With A Kiss 7/7/2005
17. 'H' Is For Hope 7/7/2005
18. Molar Man 7/6/2005
19. The Glory Found 7/6/2005
20. An Official Dig At An Unofficial Junkie 7/6/2005
21. These Social Rankings 7/6/2005
22. These Old Mistakes 7/6/2005
23. Splinter My Sides 7/6/2005
24. Summertime Pirouette 7/6/2005
25. Bound By Arrangement 7/7/2005
26. Halcyon Days 7/7/2005
27. Our Old House In The Suburbs 6/27/2005
28. I Ain'T Never Been To Hell 6/27/2005
29. This Room Smells Of Illness 6/27/2005
30. She Was A Mirror 6/27/2005
31. When Supermarkets Ruled The World 6/27/2005
32. You Know I Love You 7/6/2005
33. The Crab's Headlock 7/6/2005
34. Mademoiselle Dégagé 7/6/2005
35. Early Morning Transmission 7/6/2005
36. The Cider Years 7/6/2005
37. On A Crooked Shelf 7/11/2005
38. Dead Man's Shoes 7/12/2005
39. Why Do You Keep Me Hanging On? 7/7/2005
40. Shrinking Violets 7/11/2005

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Best Poem of Neil Solan

Monologue (Death Took My Baby Away)

If for just one second
It had crossed my mind,
That this morning's goodbye
Would be the last time,
I would see your face
Smiling back at mine,
The sure as sure can be
I'd have tucked you in more closely.

Every day we wake,
There are certain risks we take;
But once we were plenary
I thought we could not break.

This loss I now feel,
Aches like no single soul could know,
I know, I know she is gone
But this lost but shared love affiar
You should instantly bestow.
I miss my baby always,
How could I ever grow?
I miss my baby ...

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Why do we presume when we know it is wrong?
Are greater forces at work
And will they be in there for long?
The strain I was feeling, there, deep inside
Erupted from the medium and this pain I despise.
The emulsion of man, is wearing off fast,
There's not a lot I can do
When the mould has been cast.
My luck may be changing, dare I say it, it's good!

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