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Go to sleep and close your eyes,
And dream of broken butterflies
That tore their wings against a thorn.
You know the pain that they have endured

i dont really want too say gooodbye
i dont really want to leave you
but now i have to go away
stay away from you forever

'I'm just a girl
With jet black hair
With some red
Here and there.

i want no more pain
no more hurt
i am close to
falling forever...

'This lie's become a part of me
For months, I've played this game
Acting like it doesn't hurt
Each time I hear his name

'I thought things were good now
I thought we'd overcome the bad
Now I see through the illusion
Of the love I thought we had

'I wish I were your pillow,
So you would hold me tight.
I wish I were invisible,
So i could watch you sleep at night.

'A Poem's kiss
Flows from my pen
To your heart
Lingering, longing

i cant feel anything
im numb
i cant do anything about it
i cant move


i still see your face in my dreams
it hurts and it doenst help at all
i still want you in my life as crazy as that seema
i want you to catch me when i fall

here lays my heart
all broken and torn
there are no feeling left in it
for me to mourn

what is this feeling i have?
i seem to love you
but other times i seem to loathe you

I am from Mercedes mom from my childhoods past and from my fathers great eyes.
I am from stories that my mother told me, from the tales that i hear and the ghosts that i see.
I am from 'You Can Do It Don't Give Up! ', from 'What Are You Doing You Retard! ' and from 'I Don't Know What I Would Do Without You'.
I am from 'You are Really cool', from 'You are way to nice and from 'I'm stoping the circle right here'.

Your eyes look at me every day
I feel that hate that u carry
That look took me apart,
u cut me open like no other has


'We've been best friends
for the past 2 years
we both survived
through laugh and tears

why does love hurt?
it shouldnt
its something you get addicted too
and later you want more

now that were here
its so far away
all the struggles we thought was in vain
all the mistakes,

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I am a nice(sortof) girl that likes to read alot..i've read over 100 books this year as you can see i like to write poems more than anything..i like to play baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, kickball ima girl 12years 7th grade. im salvadorian guatemalian and mexican..i live in the u.s and i would like for all of you to comment on my poems :) . And i speak spanish)

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Cutters Lullaby

Go to sleep and close your eyes,
And dream of broken butterflies
That tore their wings against a thorn.
You know the pain that they have endured
Silver metal shine so bright
Scarlet blood that feels so right.
Dream of that blood trickling down,
And wake up just before you drown.
The moonlight shining off your tears
As you bleed out your worst fears.
So tonight when you start to cry
Whisper the cutters lullaby:

Hushabye baby, you’re almost dead
You don’t have a pulse and your pillow is red.
Your family hates you
Your friends let you bleed
Sleep tight with a knife,
Cause its all that you need.
Rockabye baby, Broken and scarred,
You didn’t know life would be this hard.
Time to end the pain you hid so well
And down you’ll come baby,
Straight back to hell! !

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