I Am From Poem by Neyri Castaneda

I Am From

I am from Mercedes mom from my childhoods past and from my fathers great eyes.
I am from stories that my mother told me, from the tales that i hear and the ghosts that i see.
I am from 'You Can Do It Don't Give Up! ', from 'What Are You Doing You Retard! ' and from 'I Don't Know What I Would Do Without You'.
I am from 'You are Really cool', from 'You are way to nice and from 'I'm stoping the circle right here'.
I am from ' Why did you even come here', from 'Get out i dont wanna see you! ', and from 'You can never accomplish anything! '.
I am from my mothers hair, from my sisters smile, and from my dads attitude.
I am from my grandma who never gave up, from my mothers strenght and from my dads quickness.
I am from the accident that almost killed me from my grandma dying in front of me and her strenght.
I am from happy times i had from driving my first car and my first winning.
I am form all the pictures that i made from all the memories that went away.
But I am from my friend that died and from a new friend that i will never let go.

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