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Say you love me now - and forever it's lasted
So my tears will hold back its flow
And our dreams no longer impassed
Let us once more hear the birds' song rose

May Be A Magical of Love

When you look at me
I see the shining

Paris, cry!

Paris, cry! Cry out, Paris!
Cry tears from the bleeding wounds, violently inflicted

No more tears in my eyes
my heart drained and dried
I watched a late snow falling outside
There was nothing left for me to cry

Swallowing my tears to write a few last words
To you my love, to a distant friend
As a fading flower I awaiting new shoot
Oh, my child! how life be so discontent

Did you see on a narrow dirt road
the wind blew on those sad, broken trees
In the midst of this cold wind - why had I come back
to hear only the echoes repeated

I Am A Blue Moon

Lying still - here I am
In such a sad night - it's all the same

Night with my love

Sleep, my love, have a nightfull sleep!
sights of war, do not let it touch you dreams

Your Singing in the night
Oh, for whom, did you sing a lullaby
Of love and of desires
I listen to your singing in the night

At Lake Murray

Spring, why must you leave so fast
Little buttercups, black-eyed susan, yellow blooms of Spring are feeling sad

Where are you, the Youth of Vietnam?

Can you see the corruption and greedy of power has become
It has smeared and tainted the name of Vietnam

In A Life's Shadows
Deep down in the shadows
I live a borrowed life
Deep in the hollow's depths

It's the rain

It's the rain!
It's the rain that make me cry

Tears streaming down on her face
She folds their name in two words ‘Viet-Nam’


Sunset on Glacier Bay

Đêm trăng Palenque

Nhớ đêm trăng Palenque
Đổ xuống giòng suối bạc

Nỗi Nhớ

Nhớ cha, một dòng sông phía trước
Nhớ mẹ, một liếp cải bên nhà

Anh vẫn chờ em

Nhìn em ngủ vật-vùi bao nhiêu năm
Thả hồn trong mộng đắm, rồi mơ chìm

Here, still, waiting for you!

As you drown in an illusion of life
Keep floating and sinking in those dark and colored nights

Nhat Thuy Vi Biography

Nhat Thuy Vi was born in Sadec, Vietnam. Graduated and worked at the University of Oklahoma. Like to read, write poetry, travel, and enjoy outdoor activies. Have been to Midle East, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe. Poems can also be viewed in my blog at: http: //nhatthuyvi-blog.blogspot.com/ or youtube at https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCkmD1sNWKOp43-EScGrOEiA)

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Say That You Love Me

Say you love me now - and forever it's lasted
So my tears will hold back its flow
And our dreams no longer impassed
Let us once more hear the birds' song rose

Speak, my love! why you hold it back
In your eyes such sadness I found
Why those lips, no laughters to crack?
How I'm longing to hear - the sweetness of your sound!

Speak, my love, let no more regret
Spring of life is breaf to hold
Speak to me that you love me, yet,
how difficult will it get?
Let me long for you, still,
even from a dream where dawn drawing near to set!

translation 4/2008

from the Vietnamese version:

Hãy Nói Yêu Em

Nói đi anh – nói yêu em mãi mãi
Cho mắt buồn đừng đổ lệ đêm thâu
Cho trời xanh đừng vội áng mây sầu
Cho chim chóc líu lo lời tình ái

Nói đi anh – sao nghe chừng ái ngại
Sao mắt buồn vương vấn nỗi ưu tư
Sao môi anh không rạng rỡ tiếng cười
Cho em ngũ giữa vòng yêu mời mọc

Nói yêu em cho tim đừng kêu khóc
Đừng dỗi hờn cho lỡ một đời xuân
Nói yêu em đừng bằng lời khó nhọc
Để mộng tàn em còn thấy bâng khuâng.

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