Nick Jankowski

Rookie (April 21,1987)

Nick Jankowski Poems

1. Dreams Of A Reality My Heart Desires 2/17/2005
2. The Passion Of My Quill Is Real 2/28/2005
3. Yet Another Chimerical Tale That You'D Like To Pass Off As Truth 4/28/2005
4. This Well-Recited Kiss, Led By Obligation And Ritual, Leaves Me Feeling Empty 4/28/2005
5. Here In The Silent Bliss Of An Empty Auditorium 4/24/2005
6. It Could'Ve Been, If You Would'Ve Just Said 'Yes' 2/17/2005
7. Harsh Words To Counter Ironic Accusations 3/6/2005
8. Expressing The Inexpressible 4/28/2005
9. A Breeze To Carry Me, My Heart To Love You, Nothing To Stop Us 2/17/2005
10. Words Paint Pictures; Now Look At Your Masterpiece, You Treacherous Artist, You 2/25/2005
11. A Cadence Written To Prevent The Pain Caused By Idle Words 3/29/2005
12. Tuesday Morning Bells And This Monody: An Ode To You, My Love 3/31/2005
13. Lung Cancer Doesn'T Procrastinate Like You 3/31/2005
14. They Use The Word Love To Describe This Feeling 4/7/2005
15. Searching With A Question That Doesn'T Need Answering 7/16/2005
16. I Present To You The Truth; Read It And Weep 10/9/2005
17. Escape With Me To Where I Want To Be 10/25/2005
18. There's More To This Picture Than Two Sweaty Palms 4/19/2005
19. For Fear That My Words Shall One Day Be Thought Of As Redundant, I Write This 7/16/2005
20. Do You Speak Without Heart's Counsel? 2/25/2005
21. Don'T Make Promises You Can'T Keep 2/17/2005
22. Hummingbirds Will Come To Envy The Rate At Which My Heart Is Beating 4/20/2005
23. Kisses Speak Better Than Words 2/17/2005
24. And They Lived Happily Ever After 6/20/2005
25. A Boy With A Pocketknife And A Memory Of Love That Once Was 2/17/2005
26. You Call Me A Liar Because You'Re Afraid, You'Re Afraid Because I'M Right 2/17/2005
27. Falling In Love And Never Getting Out 9/10/2005
28. Asking For Forgiveness The Only Way I Know How 10/22/2005

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Best Poem of Nick Jankowski

Asking For Forgiveness The Only Way I Know How

I'm sorry
for all the pain I've caused you
and all the words
that slipped idly by my lips.

I'm sorry
for the nights you've spent all alone
with your tears.

And me- wanting nothing more
but to wipe them
from your beautiful face,
I knew they were only there
because of me.

It kills me you see us like this.
To see you like this, and me.

I stand here
helpless to do anything
but beg for your forgiveness
and ask for another chance-
yet again.

And so I give you a rose, these words
a symbol of my remorse
and of my ...

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