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It takes just a few glances
And you know 'That's the one'
Hardly a day goes by
And you start to appreciate them

If we ever meet again; maybe
Upon those crossroads, perhaps

Decades must have passed

Crazy sky all above me now
Summer breeze howling in my face
Darkness of a million starlit nights
Distraught and disguised

I might not ever see tomorrow
As there are no guarantee's
That these moments from today
Would ever be my yesterday

I feel so cold
As if I am getting really old
plenty of life is still left within
breathing has stopped as if

Some flowers remind me of my brother
Every season they change their color

Some reminds me of my mother

Hearts that I stayed in for decades
There is a space that would always be mine
A share that belongs to me
Well within their souls

Every hour of everyday
Serpents of fiery moment
Dance in the inner cells
Of my soul

Nights are dark here
I'm terrified to sleep
As the day comes up
I am so scared to wake up

Powers of the sky
Are carrying
All the sorrows
Of this world

A father's words
His behavior
His temperament
Thinking of his child

Your life refuses to go on
Death opens up her arms

You know you're really sick

When you are abused as a child
It makes you feel worthless and impure
Nothing, but a compulsive liar
A shadow of darkness

"Sarah! " She would often cried
She cried for you,
she cried your pain
She felt your pain, she felt your soul

Feel of her hair
Touch of her fingers
Thoughts of her smell
Dreams of her here next to me

Trumpets of silence
Drums of loneliness
Strumming on her guitar
In the background

People are changing
All around us
Why can't we ever change?

Evening comes on so quietly
As it drinks away
The fire of the burning sunlight

My little august bloom
I will always love you
Even when I am feeling blue

I am a thought meant for someone
Yet, It’s always someone else thinking of me

Reflection in a mirror gives me an existence

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Nick Kler is a poet. SCSU, MN Alum 94, graduated in MIS from UCLA, CA, divorced with one daughter born in Aug,98 that lives in Los Angeles, CA. (1) When you don't remember your own vows And one by one All your promises came undone I left my dreams in your eyes And forgot about them (2) 25 years of our past Was burnt into ashes of time Using just a single match They came crumbling down Leaving behind a fiery skyline (3) Just like this Someday, I shall quietly disappear Forever into the darkness beyond this world Carrying with me No honor or disgrace no hate or love... Just me and myself As describes by the writings and personal follow ups of Nick Kler.)

The Best Poem Of Nick Kler

Love And Regrets

It takes just a few glances
And you know 'That's the one'
Hardly a day goes by
And you start to appreciate them
Not even a month passes by
And you start to fall in 'Love'
It would take a complete lifetime
Paying off their debt
Trying to forget them

But, if ever asked, given a chance
Would you do it all over again?
The answer is almost always a 'YES'
'Love', Oh! what a painful addiction

Nick Kler

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It cut's me deep every time When a thought crosses my mind That I'm away from you But, when I really think about it Who am I to you.............

I hang myself from the blankets Up side down all night long, Begging for sleep to come FOOL never shows up! Not even to say 'NO'

You are my dream I always dreamt of I am your one and only That fills up your heart How can you ever say? ... You don't know me! Baby, you're the only lie I ever lied about! ! Nick Kler

Things without purpose or meaning Entertains me these days Oh, what a blame game Knowing, I cannot share

I keep on dreaming You are here with me And you never go If I stop breathing I don't see you anymore

Staring at the space Oh! what a lonely place Counting stars all night long One by one, they also disappeared From this vast, fervid sky Nick Kler

He carries the whole world Upon his head Protecting every one of em Scared of demons instead Fighting with everything he's got Against the shadows in his head Little does he knows They are already dead Nick Kler

Heavens are calling me How can I pretend to say no? It is my original home, A place where I came from For now that it is calling me It is where I must go!

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Nick Kler Popularity

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